(without the pricetag of a designer)

branding your business deserves!









Brand Like A Pro is a beginner-friendly guide that teaches you to curate your visual branding (think, logo, fonts, graphics) that is aligned with your target audience even if you’re a new biz on a budget.

Your Roadmap to an Effective Brand Identity

Maybe one of these lies is holding you back?

Effective branding is super expensive.

Having a great product/service is enough.

I should wait until I can hire a designer.

Let’s face it...

you’ve started your dream business, and things got off on the right foot but you’ve quickly realized how important a strong brand identity can be to the fate of your business, and you’re ready to stop winging it.

You know that Great Branding Will Make You More Money

and help make your dream business a reality,
but stuck on how to achieve it, especially on a budget?

You want a pro strategy and look without the price tag.

You’re not confident that your branding shows how amazing your service/product actually is.

You keep tinkering with your designs to try and “make it work” but are never happy.

Your current branding has an amateur look instead of that polished aesthetic you’re after.

You feel exhausted and depleted trying to figure it all out.

Does this sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be like this...

Getting the pro strategy without the price tag.

Being so confident sending people to your website and social knowing your branding is polished.

Having everything in once place, no more falling down a Google and Youtube rabbit hole.

Imagine if instead...

Are you nodding yes?

I will walk you through how to create THE BRAND YOUR BUSINESS DESERVES!

What’s inside?

Are you ready for the exact step-by-step process that I use for my 1-on-1 branding clients?

Gather Inspiration | Create Moodboard + Choose Colors




Discovery | Strategy Phase To Build A Solid Foundation


Visual Identity | Design Your Logo + Choose Fonts + Imagery


Put It All Together | Marketing Graphics and Launch!


I’m a small business on a budget too. I know how scary it can be to invest, especially when you’re just getting started. But as a professional designer I ALSO KNOW how important it is to have a great first impression when it comes to your business. And I don’t want your budget or knowledge to hold you back from having that.

From ready-made customizable templates to teaching you to DIY your branding like a pro, she’ll help you become successful in branding and marketing your dream business.

Ciera has helped thousands of small businesses since starting her studio over 12 years ago and wants to help you next!

Ciera Holzenthal is a branding expert with over 16 years of professional experience.

Meet Ciera

After years of helping clients with their branding 1-on-1 and seeing the impact it made on their businesses, I knew I wanted to be able to offer these skills to even more small business owners who can’t make the investment to hire a designer at this point in their journey.

A graphic designer by trade, she helps overwhelmed business owners strategize and design their marketing plans and brand visuals in order to scale their dream businesses.

Jenée Padmore, PadMoore Hospitality Group

“When I would see an email from Ciera, it was like opening up presents on Christmas morning. Seeing the beauty and creativity she pours into her work is a definite treat every time.” 

Working with Ciera was MAGIC!

Amazing female entrepreneur!

Sara Reardon, The Vagina whisperer

“When I think about people who helped me get started and who have helped me as a brand along the way Ciera is definitely one of them!”

Working with Ciera was a dream!

Anna Dearmon Kornick, Coach and Podcast Host

I’ll never forget the way I felt reviewing the first round of logo drafts, and I certainly didn’t expect to have such an emotional response to seeing the logo she created for me. Yep, I was absolutely blown away.

This is AMAZING!!!!

Kristin Dickinson

“Thank you so much! Can’t wait to get to work on these aspects of getting the business up and running. Many thanks for this incredibly thorough guide to moving forward from here. And and thank you once again for creating a logo that I probably love more than I would my own kid.”