My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Hostess

I find that right after Thanksgiving the holiday party invites start rolling in, so I decided to tackle the host/hostess gift guide first this year. If you’ve ever hosted a dinner or party of any kind, you know how much work it takes. Here are a few good gift ideas to let the host know that you appreciate their efforts!

Favorite Gifts for the Hostess

salt and pepper grinder setboxes gold ornamentcaptain wood server | paz treesjoya composition no. 1 white soap | measuring spoons | golden triangle pillowchick candleholderbud vases

All of these items are available from CB2 along with tons of other amazing gift ideas! Is there anything you’d like to receive as a party host/hostess? See all of my gift guides here!

My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Home Office Employee

I know a lot of people who have recently made the switch from a full time office job, to working from home or from their own studio. Here are some great items that I love having in my home office and wouldn’t think twice about getting them for a fellow ‘home office employee’ as a gift!

Home Office Employee Gift Guide

iPhone Handset Talking on your cell phone gets old fast so a handset is very useful especially when I am trying to multitask.

Lap Desk Since I don’t always work from my desk having a lap desk is great, my laptop gets ridiculously hot.

Bronzing Lotion Working from home sometimes I don’t get enough sun. This lotion is amazing for a quick, natural glow.

Stickygrams I love using my Instagram photos to liven up my home office.

Neu Year Wall Calendar In order to keep organized, I need to see the upcoming weeks at a glance. I discovered this huge wall calendar last year and already got my 2014 one ready to hang!

Flannel Slippers Let’s face it, most days I work in my pajamas and slippers!

Office Chair Everyone can use a nice comfy office chair.

Beverage Warmer This is seriously my favorite thing in my office, nice warm coffee or tea all day long!

Monogram Mug It’s nice to add a little personal touch to my desk

My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Art Lover

Better Homes and Gardens published their holiday gift guides last week, and guess what? I got to curate one! There are over 25 different guides curated by other bloggers and BHG editors, I was asked to curate one for Artists and Art Collectors! If you are buying for someone who creates art, supplies like charcoal, sketchbooks, and paints are always a great gift. If you are looking for someone who is more of a collector, art books, prints, decorative home items, or art-inspired clothing are great options. Here are some of my favorite items from the curated guide and you can head over to to see all of my picks! I’ll be taking a blog break for the rest of the week since I’m heading to Maine tomorrow for Thanksgiving! Hope you all have a great week!

art lover gift round up

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 • See all of my gift guides here!

My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover

I’m trying to be good this year and get my holiday shopping done ahead of time. I recently came across UncommonGoods and y’all, they have some amazing options for gifts! I feel like everyone on my list is so difficult to shop for but this site has so many unique items that it’s going to make it really easy on me! They have thousands one-of-a-kind products ranging from home and garden products to jewelry and accessories, office items, children’s toys and more. I totally love all the fun wine related things they have so I decided to put together this gift guide! My mom will probably get a few things from this list!

wine lover gift round up
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 • See all of my gift guides here
UncommonGoods makes it so easy to shop too! They break down their site into easy categories… whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift for your sister, or you have a specific amount you’re looking to spend, for example, gifts under $50, they make it simple to get your shopping done quickly! If you are looking for a gift that is unique, or are trying to find something for that person that seems to have everything, check out UncommonGoods, you will not be disappointed!
This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. Thank you for supporting this blog by allowing me to post occasional sponsored content. All sponsored posts feature products or services that I truly feel would be of interest to you and all opinions are my own.

My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover

Today is going to wrap up this year’s gift guides, I hope they have helped with your shopping! Today’s guide is for the coffee lover in your life!

I am a huge coffee lover, I find myself brewing it and pouring cups all throughout the day and sometimes into the evenings. If you have a coffee lover in your life, they can be pretty easy to shop for. They’ll always need more beans, so that is a good place to start! While this coffee lover may already have a favorite way to brew their coffee, maybe you can upgrade their system with a new French press, espresso machine, cold brew system, Chemex or a single cup coffee maker. If you don’t feel comfortable making that decision, you can always pick up accessories like mugs, scoops, mills or cream and sugar servers that will allow them to enjoy their coffee drinking experience even more. Then of course you need some snacks with that coffee so why not grab some beignet mix, peppermint bark, biscotti or popcorn. You can also help the coffee lover in your life increase their knowledge on the subject. There are tons of coffee themed books and even cookbooks!

My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover

1 Espresso Machine / 2 Gloves (invite) / 3 Beignet Mix /4 Sugar Bowl & Spoon / 5 GoCoffeeGo Gift Card / 6 Camano Coffee Mill / 7 Coffee Cup Cozy / 8 French Press / 9 Infinity Scarf / 10 The Independent Coffee Book

My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Photographer

Today’s gift guide is for the photographer in your life! I have my eye on a few of these things for myself, especially an Epiphanie camera bag! We got a GoPro for our road trip from Maine to New Orleans and just love it!

Finding gifts for a photographer friend can be really fun and doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might be thinking! While buying a professional camera will tend to be too expensive for a gift, secondary or toy cameras like a pin hole, Holga, Poloroid, or Golden Half would make a great gift.

Then there are tons of smaller items that can help photographers out or just allow them to have some fun. Items like filters, straps, thermoses, tripods, cleaning kits, memory cards, flash diffusers and notepads are all great additions to any camera bag.

With smartphone cameras getting better and better you can even go the route of getting photo accessories like lenses, cases and touchscreen gloves for phones!

If you are pretty sure they have all the gear they could ever use, you can help the photographer in your life increase their knowledge on the subject. There are tons of ebooks, online courses and educational photography books out there!

My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Photographer

1 Conde Nast Traveler Photographs / 2 Kate Spade Polka Dot Thermos / 3 Epiphanie Bags Belle Camera Bag / 4 Color Lens and Flash Filters / 5 Touchscreen Gloves / 6 GoPro Camera / 7 Wood Camera iPhone Case / 8 Bright Camera Strap / 9 Field Notes