Print Your Own Valentine

In New Orleans, we’ve all been a little pre occupied by Mardi Gras to even think about Valentine’s Day. So if you’re like me, and totally behind, I have some VERY affordable print yourself card designs up in the Etsy shop. And what makes them even better, you can print them as many times as you need for personal use.

Greeting Card Featuring Modern Arrow and Love Type

Greeting Card Featuring Watercolor and Script Love

Marseille France

Marseille France Travel Guide

Truthfully, when we were in Marseille, we didn’t love it. I think we were just a little worn out at this time in the trip. But now that I look back on it, it was really great and I totally recommend going! I can’t believe I didn’t appreciate it more when I was there! We stayed here, in the heart of the old town. Use this link for $25 off your first Airbnb booking!

Food + Drink in Marseille

Le Cercle Rouge – we actually ate here twice (in the courtyard) we liked it so much
Rowing Club for brunch
Bar des 13 Coins
Fish Soup – we meant to get a Bouillabaisse (traditional Provençal fish stew originating from Marseille) but we somehow never got around to it

Things to do in Marseille

Beaches – We went to Plage Des Catalans, the first beach you’ll come across on leaving the Old Port
Vieux Port (Old 
Markets along the port
Îles du Frioul – I’m going to write a separate post about Plage De Saint-Esteve which is just a ferry ride away
Panier (Old Town)
Cours Estienne d’Orves

Marseille’s train station is gorgeous and offers a great view since it is perched on top of a hill. After we left Marseille, we took the train to Nice and this was an amazing ride, we passed through the cote d’azur and it was gorgeous!

Sail Boats in Marseille France Vieux Port

View of Boats in Marseille France Vieux Port

Girl taking iphone photo of Marseille France Vieux Port Shack

Street Scenes Marseille France Panier

Cathedral in Marseille France

Laundry Hanging from Window Blue Sky

Girl Walking Down Marseille France Alley

Boats on the Water Marseille France Vieux Port

European Traffic Sign

French Vintage Boutique

Sunlight Over Buildings

Cathedral and Port Marseille France

Eating a Baguette in France

Textured European Wall Posters

Cold Beer Serena Biera Corsa

Marseille France Beach Front

Marseille France Plage Des Catalans Sun Sign

French Dinner Table

Textured Door and French Sign

French Produce at Market

Marseille France Train Station

P.S. Have you seen my travel memorabilia and other travel guides? Madrid | Barcelona | Segovia

An Exciting Announcement!

As I mentioned in January’s Made In Mind meet-up recap, we used this time to celebrate our accomplishments from 2014 and to set our most ambitious goals for 2015. We all displayed our goals and it was really great to see everyone’s enthusiasm for the new year!


Then Kristy and I, along with Justin from Invade NOLA, announced our plans for 2015… that we will be holding New Orleans’ First Creative Entrepreneur Conference!


It’s crazy to think that it was a year and a half ago when I was telling y’all about my new venture, The Made In Mind Social. Ten meet-ups later, I felt that it was time to take it to the next level!


So far, we’ve created the event framework, divvied up tasks, are scouting locations and pulling together equally enthusiastic volunteers interested in being a part of something bigger. We are ambitiously working to build a killer conference!

Now, we are asking for your help in picking the perfect name and are starting to build volunteer teams to make this dream a reality! If you are interested just fill out this form, it takes 1 sec and we’d love your input.

Also, if you have any tips we’d love to hear them… (locations, things you like at other conferences, things you don’t like, sponsorships).

Love, Dream and Be Free

Hand Lettered Love Dream and Be Free

I’m really feeling this quote right now, I’m still all motivated by my new year’s resolutions and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, things are feeling a little more lovey and romantic aren’t they? I like to freshen up my office walls every so often and I figured you may like to do the same. So, I designed this new art print and have it in my Etsy shop in three different variations! And I also decided to create some freebies as a desktop, iPad, and iPhone wallpaper which you can find over on Lulu The Baker today!

Hand Lettered Love Dream and Be Free

P.S. Love free wallpapers? Check out all my past wallpaper designs here.

Made In Mind Social: Cheers To The New Year Recap

Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 01

Before our community of ambitious entrepreneurs and creatives hit the ground running for 2015, The Made and Mind Social wanted to first take an evening to celebrate a successful year. In 2014, we held six meet-up events where collaborations were formed, new friendships were made and some serious business goals were tackled. We (Ciera and Kristy) felt like it was time to pause and raise a glass to relish in what we and our members have accomplished.

Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 02Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 04Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 03Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 05Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 06

Members anonymously declared the biggest projects they want to tackle in the coming year and clipped them on the screen. We also announced our most ambitious venture which I’ll be sharing here on the blog soon!

Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 07Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 08Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 09Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 10Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 11Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 12Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 13Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 14Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 15Made In Mind Social Meet Up New Orleans 16

Head over to Made In Mind for the full recap! We were able to offer the ‘Bing Sparkler’ champagne cocktail, snacks and fun little details thanks to Bing! We can’t thank them enough for supporting the creatives of New Orleans! Venue: Race + Religious, Photography: Trevor Mark, Signs: Kelly Draws, Cocktail Display: Joel’s, Giveaways: Smoke Perfume and Ciera Design


The Made in Mind Social is a local group of creative types that gather every other month to meet other like minded creatives, learn about other local businesses and collaborate on future projects. Interested in sponsoring an event? Find details hereNot in New Orleans but want to hold awesome events like this one? Start a Made In Mind chapter in your city! OR start your own from scratch with the help of The Meetup Guide.

Featured on 100 Layer Cakelet – Fiesta Safari Birthday Party

A few months back, Lisa, Co-Founder of A Charming Fete contacted me about customizing my black and gold safari invitation to fit with a fiesta theme she was working on for her Daughter’s second birthday. I was super happy with how this colorful version came out and blown away when Lisa sent me the photos, what a vision! I’m ecstatic that this party was featured on 100 Layer Cake-let, it really deserves the recognition and I’m so happy that I had a small part in it!

hello fiesta party invitation, pink envelope and gold animals fiesta safari table setting with bright flowers animal masks and flowers at fiesta party giraffe and zebra dressed for fiesta pasrty hello fiesta party invitation, pink envelope and gold animals table setting with blanket and  papel picado garland animal masks and flowers at fiesta party balloons with confetti pinata and hot sauce at fiesta party rainbow cake and papel picado garland at fiesta party bright flowers at child fiesta party

Event design and flowers: A Charming Fête
Photography: Brittany Michelle Photography
Invitations: Ciera Design Studio
Cake: Michael Angelo’s Bakery
Confetti balloons: Bright So Slight via Etsy
Papel picado banner: Vintagebabydoll via Etsy
Animal plates: Anthropologie

Check out the full party over on 100 Layer Cake-let.

Lulo Clean Font by Yellow Design Studio

I’ve featured a few fonts from this studio in the past and they’ve done it again! Lulo Clean from Yellow Design Studio is the non-distressed version of the original textured Lulo family. It’s friendly, retro, and amazingly 3-dimensional. Endless effects can be created by adding different colors to each of the five stackable layers. Like the original Lulo, the Clean version is all-caps and includes regular and bold weights and extensive language support. Lulo Clean One and One Bold can double as companions for the distressed Lulo, to be used when texts are longer and smaller. There’s no discount on Lulo right now, but don’t be blinded by percentages: at full price it’s a bargain anyway, go grab it!

Lulo Clean Font Samples

How To Start A Local Event Series

Starting A Networking Event

I’m a graphic designer. I’m a content creator—a blogger, a crafter, a photographer. I had no experience in event design or planning until I created The Made In Mind Social a year and a half ago. Now, every other month, I plan a meet-up for creatives of all kinds to gather, meet, mingle, connect and collaborate.

In the beginning, I faced a million questions and more than a few challenges. The good news? I learned a lot about how to plan and host a successful event—and I’m ready to share that knowledge with others who hope to do the same! Like many strategies, you need to start with the 5 W’s (and 1 H) – Who, What, When, Why, Where and How.


WHY: Purpose, Passion, Goals

It’s not what you do but why you do it that matters. By creating a vision and setting goals upfront, you will be able to maintain a focus throughout the planning process and more easily define the event itself. A clear vision will set you up for success—and concrete goals will allow you to measure that success.

WHO: Partners, Attendees, Marketing

This process—planning and executing—is not a solitary one. Of course, you’ll want to think about attendees, who you’ll be inviting. But you’ll also want to consider who you want to work with.

WHAT: Event Format, Branding and Design

Now it’s time to get started on designing the event itself. This part of the process involves two aspects: deciding what type of event you want to host and developing the branding.

WHEN: Date and Time, Frequency, Planning Timeline

The type of event may dictate when or how often it happens. Or, if it doesn’t, your next step is to select when the event will take place and how often it will occur.

HOW: Budgeting, Securing Sponsors

Next think about the components that will make your event possible—your budget and your sponsors. Managing money and getting sponsors on board may seem intimidating, but with a little organization and a professional demeanor, you’ll be able to make things happen!

WHERE: Venue, Vendors, and All the Details

Now, you’ll want to nail down the very important question of “where” (the venue!) and make sure you plan for all the elements of the event itself—the décor, entertainment, food, photography, or anything else you want to include.


If you want to start your own local event, you don’t need to start from scratch. This list is just a taste of the insights and information I’ve collected in my e-book, The Meetup Guide: How to Create, Plan, and Host Your Own Local Event Series. It’s 60 pages of actionable advice and tried-and-true tips, including 10 worksheets to help you get organized and make things happen. Simply put, if you’re looking for a resource to guide you through the process, this is it! You’ll learn your own lessons along the way, but the great part about hosting an event series is that you have a chance to improve the event each time.

Still too overwhelming? Here’s the good news: The Made In Mind Social is now accepting chapter applications! Our one-time chapter fee includes use of The Made In Mind Social name, logo, website template, design elements and more.

The Most Popular Fonts of 2014

Before I start sharing some new favorite fonts this year, I though it would be fun to show y’all the most popular fonts of 2014 (according to MyFonts). I have already featured a few of them here over the past year as some of my personal favorites. Did you have a favorite font in 2014?

Popular Fonts and Specimens

Brandon Printed

Brandon Printed font sample


Glober font sample


Quickpen font sample


Campton font sample


Adorn font sample


Selfie font sample


Microbrew font sample


Showcase font sample


Choplin font sample

Nexa Rust

Nexa Rust font sample

The Carpenter

The Carpenter font sample


Texta font sample

True North

True North font sample

Brix Sans

Brix Sans font sample


Eveleth font sample

P.S. Check out the most popular fonts from 2013!

Made In Mind Holiday Party Recap

We wrapped up the 2014 Made In Mind event series with a fabulous cooking demo thanks to the talented folks at Palate New Orleans! They served us delicious butternut squash and goat cheese toast, fall cous cous salad, spiced apple rum fizz and Walker, their Chef de Cuisine, showed us all how to make chocolate truffles. It was a blast and as always SO great meeting new people and seeing all of our creative friends! Can’t wait to get our 2015 events rolling, our first one is actually this Thursday!

The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP42The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP03The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP08The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP02The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP11The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP35 The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP30The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP28The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP38 The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP39 The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP40The-Made-In-Mind-Social-Creatives-Meet-Up_TMP45

The Made in Mind Social is a local group of creative types that gather every other month to meet other like minded creatives, learn about other local businesses and collaborate on future projects. Interested in sponsoring an event? Find details hereNot in New Orleans but want to hold awesome events like this one? Start a Made In Mind chapter in your city! OR start your own from scratch with the help of The Meetup Guide.