Carrot & Beet Microwave Chips from The Perfect Pear

A big hello to the lovely readers of Ciera Design! :) I’m Lauren from The Perfect Pear and I’m super happy to share my latest guilt-free healthy chip recipe with you! I’ve done kind of the same thing with potatoes, but this time around I actually didn’t have any potatoes so I decided to give beets and carrots a try and oh my goodness were they delicious!

You’ll Need:

• Root veggies like beets or carrots
• Olive Oil
• Salt


1. Use a mandolin or sharp knife to thinly slice your vegetables.
2. Lay down a sheet of parchment paper and lay flat your slices of beets and carrots
3. Sprinkle some salt over top of them and put in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time on half power until they are crispy.


Thanks for having me Ciera!
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xo, Lauren
Thanks for sharing this recipe Lauren, I can not wait to try it out! I love easy and yummy food like this! – Ciera
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