Terms of Use

These terms only apply to the resources denoted as free downloads or freebies. All the other content on CieraDesign.com is not a resource and is off-limits.

The resources supplied on CieraDesign.com are available for use in your personal projects. However, under the license they are released through, there are limitations to what you may or may not do.

You MAY:

  • • Use the resources in your PERSONAL work, in whole or in part.
  • • Modify the work to your personal preference.
  • • Share the resources with others as a link to the resource web page, not the download file.


  • • You MAY NOT re-sell or re-distribute or re-package the resources as digital downloads. The resources may not be uploaded to any other websites.
  • • You MAY NOT sell in printed form.
  • • You MAY NOT incorporate ANY of the resources to be part of any kind of digital download clip art set whether it is free or for sale.
  • • You MAY NOT use any files (original or modified) for a stock or resource website.
  • • You MAY NOT use the resources for any harmful, pornographic, or racist material.
  • • You MAY NOT transfer ownership of downloaded digital content.

Attribution is appreciated but not required.

If you have any questions on the usage, please feel free to email me.