On Transparency and Blog Integrity

Hey guys! I’m popping in with a little update because I want to be completely transparent with my readers and because my blog integrity means a lot to me.

I blog because I love it. Blogging inspires me to take photographs, make projects, learn new recipes and to document my life in an organized and creative way. I enjoy sharing my passions and obsessions with my readers and I have been blown away by the community around blogging. I love connecting with new people all over the world that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

But remember, my ‘real job’ is a freelance graphic designer and while I LOVE blogging, it takes a lot of time away from paid opportunities. For my first two years of blogging I held off on accepting advertisers, sponsors and affiliates because it was important to me that these things didn’t influence my content. I wanted to concentrate on creating unique ideas and giving the blog time to develop. Once the blog was on a steady track I opened it up to sponsorships. For me, this was less about making a few dollars and more about building great relationships in the web world and allowing me to share these new friends with you!

You may have noticed that, in addition to my sponsor spotlight posts, I have joined some advertising networks. This means occasional sponsored posts. Sponsored posts allow me to dedicate more time towards this blog and create original and unique content for you guys! I always have and always will continue to post things I can honestly stand behind. I will never post about something that is not relevant to me or my readers or let compensation influence my special space.

I know there are a lot of people who don’t think blogs should accept compensation and I have so much respect for bloggers who put their time and energy into creating content without having advertisers. I did that for years, but now that I am transforming this blog from a hobby into a part of my business, I now understand the value of these types of opportunities.

I truly enjoy what I do and feel extremely lucky everyday. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me and you can read my official Privacy Policy and Disclosure here.

xo Ciera

Heading Home

Huge news today friends! Zander and I have decided it’s time to move back to New Orleans! I’ve had an amazing year and a half living in Boston. I’ve made some amazing friends and explored more of the North East than I ever imagined I would! But our hearts are in New Orleans.

New Orleans Chris Rose Quote


Everyone in New Orleans has a special connection and shows it through eye contact when passing on the street. I miss that. I miss the warm, friendly and happy people. I miss hard rains, hidden courtyards, wonderful food, Oak trees, great music, the unique gumbo of people, southern hospitality and dive bars.

“If there was ever a town to have a reason to be full of sorrow and pain it is New Orleans. And although the damages of Katrina, poverty and crime are all around, it does not stop people from living to the fullest. Every day is a new day and more reason to celebrate.” -The Hungry Nomad


Proud To Call It Home New Orleans We Live In The Moment

It’s hard to explain, but New Orleans just has something special. It is not fast or efficient. It’s slow, sweaty and lazy, but it’s home. Every inch of this city has something beautiful in it’s own special way. I’ll miss the North East tremendously, but I’m ready to be back in the city that stole my heart!


To The Max

Okay, I know Maxi skirts and dresses have been on trend for quite some time now, but for some reason I’m just getting into them. I’m kinda short so I just never thought I could pull one off, but I’m gonna try it out… as soon as I can decide which to buy first! Here are some that I am looking at. Do you have a favorite maxi style that I should try out?

bright maxi dresses and bohemian maxi skirts

bohemian 1 // 2 // 3 & bright 1 // 2 // 3


If you were wondering… here is what I have been up to recently!

1 Love to stop in Portland for dinner whenever we are on our way to visit Zander’s grandmother in Maine // 2 Weekends on Martha’s Vineyard // 3 I love German food! Stopped at this place for lunch and brought back sauerkraut, sausage, senf and spaetzle! // 4 I had the opportunity to attend a cooking demo with Chef Ming Tsai, as a part of Macy’s Great American Chefs Tour! // 5 Spent some time at the New England Aquarium // 6 Free weekends exploring Boston // 7 I made non microwavable popcorn for the first time ever // 8 Sunny afternoons on the back deck // 9 This game is amazing! It is like the dirty version of Apples to Apples // 10 Loving bright summer colors // 11 Beach days are my absolute favorite // 12 Zander and I started an exercise routine and are trying to eat healthier for the summer

My username is CieraHolzenthal on Instagram if you would like to follow along!

Revolutionize Her Team

I am so excited to announce that I am now on the social media team for RevolutionizeHer! RevolutionizeHer is a community built around the everyday woman who is looking for a place to share her story of following her dreams. It is for the wives, mothers, students, or working women. It is for women who are aspiring to be better in all aspects of life. For women who are learning to love themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.

There are many messages out in the world telling women what they can and cannot do. RevolutionizeHer was made to challenge those ideals and to help women see that it’s okay to be who they are and reach for their goals. This community is meant to help empower and motivate women whether it be to celebrate her successes, work through her frustrations, build up an idea, get or give advice, or just to get some encouragement.

Due to the success of their partner site, Better Blogger Network, they decided to relaunch their co-authored blog over to a Ning community website. This type of site allows for easy communication, a central location to ask and answer questions, and a way for all members of the site to interact with one another in a way that their blog had not allowed for in the past.

Our hope from the beginning of RH was to create a sense of community for women wishing to live out their dreams as well as a place to discuss those aspirations with other like-mined individuals – and we think that this is going to be the best way to do this.

The launch date is set for tomorrow, July 10th, so if you’d like to join or follow along, here are the links you need to know: Main RevolutionizeHer Site, Twitter, Facebook. I will be handling the social media accounts for RH every Monday.

I could not be more excited to be a part of this community. I’m really looking forward to meeting new people so I hope to see you there! My personal RevolutionizeHer profile can be found here so you can add me as a friend or say hi once you sign up!

UPDATE: RevolutionizeHer has decided to close their doors, please join their partner site, Better Blogger Network!

Home Tour: Bedroom Details

Since I cleaned the apartment for my parents visit I went ahead and took some detail photos of my bedroom to share with you guys! We don’t spend much time at all in our bedroom but I did want to have a few things on the walls. It is also where I organize all of my clothes and accessories.

apartment tour - bedroom - jamaica plain boston 1

I had these two hooks from Urban Outfitters and thought they were perfect for jewelry. Then I just added a scrap of pretty paper and a paint swatch to the wall with thumbtacks for some added color and it turned out to be the perfect hanging space for my jewelry!

apartment tour - bedroom - jamaica plain boston 2

I created the Coke bottle necklace display with my dad years ago and for my earrings I just used an old picture frame and stapled a piece of screen to the back. For bracelets and rings I have a little wooden tray for each. I like most of my jewelry to be in plain sight, otherwise I would never wear any of it!

apartment tour - bedroom - jamaica plain boston 3

The You, Me, Forever print is from Satchel & Sage, I love all of their prints so much, I’d love to have the whole Venn collection!

apartment tour - bedroom - jamaica plain boston 4

I made the travel map cork board as a way for Zander and I to track all of the places we have been together and where we want to go next!

apartment tour - bedroom - jamaica plain boston 5

You can also check out my living and dining room and my office. Hope you enjoyed this little mini tour of our Jamaica Plain apartment!