Graffiti Graphics: My Parents’ Sign Shop

For some crazy reason in June we decided to host two Made In Mind events even though we usually only do it every other month. But the cool thing was that we held one of them at my parents’ sign shop, Graffiti Graphics! My parents started a sign shop together before I was born, in what turned out to be my first bedroom. They are both so talented and I know that’s the reason I started to take art classes in 2nd grade and eventually pursue a career in a creative field. I recapped the event over on the Made In Mind site, but I thought it would be fun to show some of the details that Laura Rockett captured of my parents’ space too!









Photos by Laura Rockett Photography for The Made In Mind Social.

What I Wore // Snowball Season

Summer time in New Orleans also means snowball season, woo hoo! As soon as the heat hits, so do the cravings! Snow cones got nothin’ on a snowball y’all! Unlike sno cones, the ice making up a snowball is shaved very finely resulting in an incredibly soft ice. My favorite snowball spot is Plum Street, it’s a small shed-type store that’s right in my neighborhood. They serve their snowballs in Chinese take-out boxes with a plastic bag on the bottom to catch any syrup or melted overflow. I usually keep it simple with cherry but when I mix it up I like dreamsicle or add condensed milk!

Ciera wearing olive shorts, yellow top and brown leather bag

Plum Street Snowballs New Orleans Doors

Ciera eating snow ball

coral nails + jewel necklace + snoball

Ciera Sipping Snow Ball

Plum Street Snowballs New Orleans Menu and Syrups

coral nails + yellow top + jewel necklace + snoball

photos of me by Hannah Colclazier from last summer / photos of Plum Street by Jasmine Holzenthal / ring c/o Dixi

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Made In Mind April Photo Walk

For those of you who don’t know, I host a Made In Mind meet up every other month and for April we did an Intameet! The weather was absolutely perfect, it was SO gorgeous! One fun thing about New Orleans is that you can drink on the street so we met up at Tivoli and Lee for a to-go mimosas and then got to walking! We chatted and snapped photos together as we walked around the Warehouse District. Along the route, we stopped at the Before I Die wall, then HARO for some amazing sweets and coffee and ended at Bellocq for a few cocktails, yummy cheese and great conversation! It was an awesome day and I definitely want to plan another instameet soon! I was taking photos with my camera which you can see here and also with my iPhone to post to Instagram.

The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-1 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-2 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-4 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-5 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-6

The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-10 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-8 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-9 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-10 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-12 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-13 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-14 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-16 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-17 The Made In Mind Social Instameet New Orleans-19

Head over to Made In Mind for the full recap and more photos! Not in New Orleans but want to hold awesome events like this one? Start a Made In Mind chapter in your city! Interested in sponsoring an event? Find details here.

I’m Hosting An Instameet!

Instameet Invite

Calling all New Orleans area Instagram lovers! Instamgramming with other creatives is way better than doing it alone, right?! So The Made In Mind Social is hosting our first Instameet photo walk on Saturday, April 19th at 3pm and I hope you can make it! You don’t have to be a photographer or even an Instagrammer to attend. You can bring a cell phone, a digital camera, heck, even a disposable camera if you want to participate!

  • We’ll have a suggested path mapped out which we’ll walk together and snap photos along the way!
  • We are working on a fun scavenger hunt list if you want to challenge yourself during the walk!
  • We’ll also determine and ending spot to mingle a little after!

The route is still in the works but we will send an email to everyone who has RSVPd.


Also, our super awesome sponsor Sticky9 is gifting each attendee with a free pack of their Instagram magnets! You choose nine of your own Instagram photos and get them back as magnets. They are super cool, I’ve written about them here before!

Not in New Orleans but want to hold awesome events like this one? Start a Made In Mind chapter in your city!


Baking A King Cake

Carnival season is in full swing here in New Orleans and king cakes are for sale everywhere! When I was living in Boston I really missed Mardi Gras and king cakes, so one year Zander and I decided to try baking one. I meant to post a recipe and photos to the blog but never got around to it even though I took pictures of the process. So I’m resurrecting the photos for y’all today! It came out pretty messy and lopsided, but it tasted great and made me miss home a little less!

Baking A King Cake From Scratch





Colored Sugar

Baking-A-King-Cake-7 Baking-A-King-Cake-8