My Favorite Maps of the United States

I hope y’all had a fun St. Patrick’s Day! I didn’t do anything special yesterday but I did go to a parade on Saturday. This one house has an amazing party every year, you can see a few photos on my Instagram. So onto today’s post! As a graphic designer, I have always been drawn to maps. I have a few in my home office and I even made a travel map of my own to highlight my travels. If you are not into DIY, I’m sharing some of my favorite posters of the U.S. over on Printaholic today including this gorgeous hand-drawn typographic one by Old English Co

Hand Drawn Typographic United States Map Print by Old English Co

And in other news, I’ve selected the winner for the Printstagram contact cards, head over to see if it was you!

February Wallpaper Freebie + A Favorite Font Giveaway

Debi Sementelli just released a bold version of her beautiful Belluccia Pro font! She sent me over a copy and I was immediately inspired to create this soft, watercolor image for my desktop in February! This design is now available for free as a desktop and iphone wallpaper over on the Whimseybox blog!  

Love Is All You Need Quote - Ciera Design

Love Is All You Need Greeting Cards on Etsy

 I also added print yourself Valentine’s Day cards to the Etsy shop, including this design!


All of you lucky ducks get 40% off of Belluccia Pro Bold with discount code “cieradesign” through March 15!


Debi is offering one lucky reader a free copy of Belluccia Pro Bold!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!! Have any questions, feel free to contact me. If you are in a reader click out to access the Rafflecopter entry form. Please note that your entry will be removed if you do not complete it correctly. I received a copy of Belluccia Pro Bold c/o Correspondence Ink. All opinions are my own.

Let’s Do This

Let's Do This Hand Lettered Art Print

I’m back from my blog break and I want to start the new year with total honestly. A few months ago I realized that I was in a rut. I was feeling like I didn’t get enough accomplished during the year. I had too many ideas and didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in or where I should put my time and energy. I have always felt confident in my design work but I was feeling a little lost managing everything. 

I didn’t feel like I was reaching my ideal clients and I was getting worried that my site wasn’t portraying my services the best way possible. I was posting quality content to my blog but it somehow felt random and focused on the short-term. I decided that I needed help, I didn’t want to feel lost in my own business anymore.

That is where Ashley of Your Super Awesome Life came in! I told Ashley my concerns and she had me fill out a business assessment. Once I answered some questions on paper, we had a Skype session where we talked through what was working and what was not and what I really wanted for my blog and business.

I was actually a little surprised at how well she communicated and understood what I was going after even though she isn’t an insider to my business or blog. I felt totally comfortable talking to her and suddenly everything that was spinning in my head made sense again.

At the end of our first session Ashley helped me to come up with an action plan that covered the main points we discussed and mapped out all of the steps to begin making my goals a reality. We wanted to get really clear on what I wanted my business to look like moving forward. All of my goals suddenly seemed so attainable.

  • After our first session, I updated my services page, I still have some work to do here, but I think it’s a much more clear representation of the design services I offer. I’m currently taking on clients so feel free to reach out!
  • I created an end of the year reader survey to find out what y’all want to see more of here on the blog in 2014! If you haven’t taken it yet, the survey is still open. Until I take some time to review all of the responses, I’m going to take it slow and post content here very intentionally.
  • I’m also starting to reach out to blogs to guest post on, so let me now if you are looking for some guest contributors in 2014!

A few weeks later we had a follow-up call to make sure I was on track. I still have a lot of work to do to accomplish the actions we came up with but I feel like I’m back on the right path! It wasn’t easy for me to reach out for help but this year I really want to take my business to the next level and after Ashley’s sessions I’m ready and confident to take on 2014, so let’s do this!

2014 Let’s Do This art print available for sale on Etsy.

Grace Design [Friday Favorites]

I just love this handmade Etsy shop called Grace Design. Grace is a Toronto-based handbag and accessories brand utilizing found textiles by Canadian designer Alison Gledhill. Alison’s Spring collection has just been released in her Etsy shop!

Grace Design Handbag Accessories 2

When I was a child I saw a woman selling dresses made from sari silks at a market in my hometown of Victoria, British Columbia.

“I thought this fabric was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen and it conjured images of palaces and maharaj, smoky mysterious places, exotic smells and foreign music. At that time I vowed to myself that when I was old enough, I would go to India. Several years later, at the mature age of 20, I did in fact go to India and returned to Canada with a backpack full of sari silk. I promptly started sewing clothing, pillows and bags and selling them at local consignment shops. Since that time I have traveled far and wide in search of beautiful and unique textiles to use in my designs, from the Thar desert in Rajasthan, India to Tokyo, Japan to Oaxaca, Mexico.”

Grace Design Handbag Accessories 1

To this day I still lovingly gather textiles from around the world to use in my designs.

“Though I have traversed down many avenues in the past fourteen years, I always return to this and I know that this is what I am meant to do. After all this time, I can finally call myself self employed. Grace is a collection of accessories made from found, limited edition textiles that have been sourced through my travels. The fabrics I search for are storytellers, they speak of their history and traditions of craft, of adventures abroad, foreign marketplaces, culture and creativity.” -Alison Gledhill

Maybe This Inspired That // Ilove’u Project by Francesca Capellini

Maybe This Inspired That // Ilove'u Project by Francesca Capellini

The Art // I came across Francesca Capellini’s Ilove’u project on Pinterest (bless you, Pinterest) today and I had to share. I’ve always been a fan of mixed media art, and this is just so sweet. I love the black and white photos mixed with the graphic patterns and playful illustrations.

The Inspired // This painted bowl from Nicole Porter is also a mix—paint and hardwood. I love the color combination and the graphic stripes.

Amanda is a graphic designer and blogger based in Los Angeles who loves photography, cooking, and rainy days stuck at home. She curates the Maybe This Inspired That column.

Maybe This Inspired That // In Bloom by Hollie Fernando

Maybe This Inspired That // In Bloom by Hollie Fernando

The Art // I find a lot of inspiration in photography. This In Bloom series by Hollie Fernando highlights the natural beauty of the model and the flowers. I especially love this double exposure photo—it’s as if she’s looking through a floral curtain. Magical.

The Inspired // Fig. 01, Fig. 02, Fig. 03

Amanda is a graphic designer and blogger based in Los Angeles who loves photography, cooking, and rainy days stuck at home. She curates the Maybe This Inspired That column.