Top 100 Design Blogs To Follow

Do you ever find it a little overwhelming trying to figure out which blogs to follow? You can’t follow them all or you would never get any sleep! Well Joe Cole made things a little easier by putting together an infographic listing the top 100 design blogs to follow in 2013. And I am SO proud to say that THIS BLOG made that top 100 list! It’s pretty awesome to see Ciera Design on the list with some amazing blogs, and many of my personal favorites!

Top 100 Design Blogs To Follow Infographic

To view the infographic (which was a little too long for my blog), click here (update: the page does not seem to be there anymore) and since Joe’s graphic is not clickable I added all of the links for his top 100 design blogs below! Check out the list and hopefully you’ll discover some great new design resources. And thanks again to Joe for including the Ciera Design blog! Do you have any favorite design blogs that did not make this list?

Top 100 Design Blogs To Follow

1. • 2. • 3. • 4. • 5. • 6. • 7. • 8. • 9. • 10. • 11. • 12. • 13. • 14. • 15. • 16. • 17. • 18. • 19. • 20. • 21. • 22. • 23. • 24. • 25. • 26. • 27. • 28. • 29. • 30. • 31. • 32. • 33. • 34. • 35. • 36. • 37. • 38. • 39. • 40. • 41. • 42. • 43. • 44. • 45. • 46. • 47. • 48. • 49. • 50. • 51. • 52. • 53. • 54. • 55. • 56. • 57. • 58. • 59. • 60. • 61. • 62. • 63. • 64. • 65. • 66. • 67. • 68. • 69. • 70. • 71. • 72. • 73. • 74. • 75. • 76. • 77. • 78. • 79. • 80. • 81. • 82. • 83. • 84. • 85. • 86. • 87. • 88. • 89. • 90. • 91. • 92. • 93. • 94. • 95. • 96. • 97. • 98. • 99. • 100.

Let’s Be Friends – My Alt Summit Business Cards

Hello, happy Monday! I shared my favorite business cards from others at Alt Summit, now I’m going to share my cards, and some of the drama that went into making them…

Let's Be Friends Business Cards

When I found out that I was getting to attend Alt Summit THIS year, it was only a few weeks before the event. After I ran around my house screaming with excitement, I totally freaked out. I heard that business cards were a HUGE deal at Alt and I was not sure I would have the time to design and get something produced in time. After hours of brainstorming, I knew that my “Let’s Be Friends” concept was the way to go. After all, I was going to this gathering to make connections and new friends! Once the idea was set, I started designing and ordering supplies like crazy! I went back and forth with myself and finally broke down and splurged on letterpress cards. The night before I left for Alt, I had received all the parts to make my little packages… except for the actual business card, ahh! There was a huge communication breakdown inside the print shop I ordered them from, so sadly I never got them (but did get a full refund). The morning of my flight I was left printing and trimming business cards on whatever cardstock I had laying around and stuffing and sealing the envelopes! Luckily my parents are awesome and they helped! It all turned out fine, but boy was that stressful! My idea was received well and hopefully inspired those I met to keep in touch! SO here we go, my Alt Summit business cards… and lucky for you guys, I have some extras! All you have to do is sign up for my e-news list (don’t forget to include your mailing address), then leave a comment here letting me know you signed up – and I’ll send out as many as I have left!

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

If we met at Alt and you have a picture of you wearing one of the friendship bracelets, I’d love to see it!

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Let's Be Friends

Among many things at Alt, I was VERY inspired by the Tiger in a Jar design camp so I decided to make a video showing the process of me putting my cards together!

Love Potion Font [Friday Favorites]

While love is in the air, I want to share the cutest little hand drawn serif font family, Love Potion. Three fonts (regular, bold and ornaments) that include extravagant ligatures, swash letters, catchwords, arrows, borders and other little specials. Seriously adorable, right?

Zander and I are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day tonight. With Mardi Gras on Tuesday we just couldn’t handle it yesterday. Did you do anything special yesterday?

Love Potion Font

Love Potion Font Usage

Description and samples from MyFonts.

The Business Cards of Alt Summit 2013

Hi y’all! I’m back from Alt Summit and trying to get back into the swing of normal life. It was the best, most exhausting four days of my life! While I’m still processing all of the information I took in, I decided to share some of my favorite business cards from the awesome bloggers and brands I met while in Salt Lake City. Since Alt is a conference for creative people, the business card exchange has become a beautiful and fun tradition, now in it’s fourth year. I have linked to all of their blogs so click around if you are looking for some awesome new people to follow, I still have some exploring to do myself!

The Business Cards of Altitude Summit 2013

Black & White: A Pair of Pears / The Hive Studio / Wednesday Custom Design / The Hourglass Files / Pinegate Road / Carrier & Associates / Courtney Callahan Paper

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Black and White

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Black and White Pile

Blue: Confetti Pop / The Land of Nod / Honest / Melissa Esplin / Sharon McMullen / Michelle Edgemont

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Blue

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Blue Pile

Coral & Peach: Bunny & Dolly / Tea Collection / The Curtis Casa / You + Me / The Proper Pinwheel / Ciera Design (me)

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Coral and Peach

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Coral and Peach Pile

Black: Citizens of Humanity / And Then We Saved / Foxtrot Press / Donuts, Dresses and Dirt / Estera Events

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Black

Pink & Red: Whitney English / Get Married / Michael Miller Fabrics / A Style Moment / Amber Housley / Hitch Design Studio

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Red and Pink

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Red and Pink Pile

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Stack

Lexy from The Proper Pinwheel and Melisa from LuLu the Baker really blew me away with the time spent on their cards. I mean, Lexy stitched together glitter garland for everyone!

Alt Summit Business Cards - The Proper Pinwheel and LuLu The Baker

Alt set up these boards in the hallway for everyone to stick their cards too, so fun! I was seriously amazed by all of the creativity!

Alt SLC 2013 - Thursday Afternoon

Do you have a favorite card here? Or were you at Alt and receive a super special one? I’ll be recapping different aspects of Alt Summit next week, so stay tuned! I’ll also be sharing the cards that I brought to hand out!

All images by Ciera Holzenthal except the last one is by Justin Hackworth from Alt Summit’s Flickr stream.