Mellow Mushroom Oak Street: Out & About New Orleans

Out & About Mellow Mushroom New Orleans

I’m totally obsessed with one of the newest restaurants on my street. Mellow Mushroom is a franchise but the owners, Elizabeth and Austin Kent and James Son, did such a good job of making it fit right in on Oak Street! They totally transformed a two-story house that was built in the early 1900s and were able to preserve the original façade and a handful of interior decor. 

The franchise really promotes local ownership and operation, said Son, a New Orleans native. Each location is completely different and really focuses on the local community.”

Although the chain has certain requirements regarding consistency and standards for the menu, franchisees are still able to source their produce and products locally. When renovating the building they used local contractors, architects and artists, including Graffiti Graphics, aka my super talented parents, for their awesome sign!

Mellow Mushroom Oak Street New Orleans Fortune Teller and Colored Windows

We really wanted to emphasize where we were and use as many locals aspects as possible, said Son. For me it’s really important that we be a part of this community.”

Mellow Mushroom Oak Street New Orleans Booths

Mellow Mushroom Oak Street New Orleans Colored Windows

Mellow and Oak Street each portray a funky vibe that fits right in with the culture and residents of this area,” states Elizabeth.

Mellow Mushroom Oak Street New Orleans Teeth Bar

Mellow Mushroom Oak Street New Orleans Mason Jar Lights

Mellow Mushroom Oak Street New Orleans Skeletons

Mellow Mushroom Oak Street New Orleans Lights and Tin Ceiling

Mellow Mushroom Oak Street New Orleans Fortuna Spin To Win

Mellow Mushroom Oak Street New Orleans Downstairs Dining Room

Mellow Mushroom Oak Street New Orleans Arrow Marquee Light

Once I was done obsessing over the decor, it was time to eat and man is their pizza good! I especially like the Red Skin Potato Pie. It sounds a little weird, but it’s SO good! I have already been way too many times since they opened in March!

Introducing The Made In Mind Social

Hey guys! I am SO excited to finally share what my sister and I have been working on for the past few months. We are starting a meetup for bloggers and creatives in Louisiana called The Made In Mind Social. We had this idea in the back of minds for a while, but after attending the Creating Offline Events panel at Alt Summit, I was really inspired to get it going! We have been working behind the scenes on the logo and website and officially launched this week!

tThe Made In Mind Social

Our goal is to build a community where everyone can share their passions and encourage each other to keep their creative juices flowing. Whether you are a blogger, graphic designer, artist, photographer, fashion designer, DIY lover, makeup artist etc., we want to network and get to know the people behind their work!

We are planning our first event as we speak so if you are in the area, we would LOVE for you to become a member and attend some of our events!

If you won’t be able to attend our events, you can still support us by sponsoring the Made In Mind blog or sponsoring an event! This is the perfect event to get your name out to bloggers and creatives in Louisiana!

The Made In Mind Social A Meetup Of Creative Minds in Louisiana

Like The Made In Mind Social on Facebook, follow on Twitter or sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out!

I’m going to Palm Springs and need your help!

Palm Springs Photo by Jose Villa

Sooo excited! Me and my two best friends are taking a vacation to Palm Springs in 3 weeks!!! We all went to high school and college together but don’t live in the same city any more, so a girls trip, is LONG overdue! I have only been to California once and I really don’t have a clue what to do in Palm Springs, so I’m looking at you! If you have ever been to Palm Springs or live in the area… I want to know what your favorite spots are. We want to find art, amazing food, relaxing spots, fancy drinks, something unique, sunshine, spas, we are open to all suggestions. Oh yea, and we have not booked a room yet, so we also need a place to stay! Any ideas, I want to hear about it all! Just click the image below to email me, or leave a comment below! Thanks for the help, love y’all!

Send Palm Springs Suggestions

Photos by Jose Villa, designs by me.

Jazz Festin’

I’ll be out at Jazz Fest today, tomorrow and Sunday. It’s going to be a wet and muddy one today, and strangely cool for this time of year. Hoping that tomorrow looks more like these photos that Zander took last year. Have a great weekend and see ya back here Tuesday with a new business advice post from Mariah!



chair fortress

lucky shot

roman candy



soul food

tom petty paint


Satsuma Cafe: Out & About New Orleans

Satsuma Cafe Maple Street New Orleans: Out & About

I’ve missed sharing some of my local favorites ever since my Boston Photo Tour was retired – so I’m starting a new column called Out & About! Sometimes I take New Orleans for granted, so I want to embrace it and share my favorite spots with you! I’m starting out with one of my neighborhood favorites, Satsuma Cafe. They specialize in breakfast and lunch and are so good at what they do. They have the BEST juice, awesome sandwiches, pastries and coffee! I would get juice from there everyday if I could! It is such a cute little spot with a few outdoor tables. I go to the Maple Street location, but they also have one on Dauphine Street. It’s in walking distance from my house, which is great for a nice day. You know, I think I am going to head there right now!

Satsuma Cafe Maple Street New Orleans: Out & About

Satsuma Cafe Maple Street New Orleans: Out & About

Satsuma Cafe Maple Street New Orleans: Out & About

Satsuma Cafe Maple Street New Orleans: Out & About

Satsuma Cafe Maple Street New Orleans: Out & About