Marseille France

Marseille France Travel Guide

Truthfully, when we were in Marseille, we didn’t love it. I think we were just a little worn out at this time in the trip. But now that I look back on it, it was really great and I totally recommend going! I can’t believe I didn’t appreciate it more when I was there! We stayed here, in the heart of the old town. Use this link for $25 off your first Airbnb booking!

Food + Drink in Marseille

Le Cercle Rouge – we actually ate here twice (in the courtyard) we liked it so much
Rowing Club for brunch
Bar des 13 Coins
Fish Soup – we meant to get a Bouillabaisse (traditional Provençal fish stew originating from Marseille) but we somehow never got around to it

Things to do in Marseille

Beaches – We went to Plage Des Catalans, the first beach you’ll come across on leaving the Old Port
Vieux Port (Old 
Markets along the port
Îles du Frioul – I’m going to write a separate post about Plage De Saint-Esteve which is just a ferry ride away
Panier (Old Town)
Cours Estienne d’Orves

Marseille’s train station is gorgeous and offers a great view since it is perched on top of a hill. After we left Marseille, we took the train to Nice and this was an amazing ride, we passed through the cote d’azur and it was gorgeous!

Sail Boats in Marseille France Vieux Port

View of Boats in Marseille France Vieux Port

Girl taking iphone photo of Marseille France Vieux Port Shack

Street Scenes Marseille France Panier

Cathedral in Marseille France

Laundry Hanging from Window Blue Sky

Girl Walking Down Marseille France Alley

Boats on the Water Marseille France Vieux Port

European Traffic Sign

French Vintage Boutique

Sunlight Over Buildings

Cathedral and Port Marseille France

Eating a Baguette in France

Textured European Wall Posters

Cold Beer Serena Biera Corsa

Marseille France Beach Front

Marseille France Plage Des Catalans Sun Sign

French Dinner Table

Textured Door and French Sign

French Produce at Market

Marseille France Train Station

P.S. Have you seen my travel memorabilia and other travel guides? Madrid | Barcelona | Segovia

A White Thanksgiving

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I went to Maine again this Thanksgiving. It was a White Thanksgiving in more ways than one. It was Zander’s family, The White’s and it was super snowy! (I’m just realizing this, but next Thanksgiving I’ll officially be a White too since we are getting married in October, whoa!) The snow was actually so heavy that it caused the power to go out for two days while we were there! Luckily the house is set up with a generator because I guess it happens a lot. Although we had some power from that, we had to be careful and couldn’t run too many things at one time. We attempted to cook a few things in a makeshift oven over the fire but luckily the normal oven didn’t fail us, we somehow managed a perfect Thanksgiving dinner, even on generator power. We did turn it off at night and curled up to sleep by the fire to stay warm! Of course we had to take advantage of the snow as it was falling, then came right back in the stay warm!

Snowy Maine Woodpile
Snowy Maine Banks and Sailboat
Snowy Tree Maine
Family Maine Home Covered in Snow
Sun shinning through snowy trees in Maine
Snowy Maine Outhouse
Sheepscot River Banks Covered in Snow
Playing in Maine Snow
baking biscuits over the fire
Sun Setting Over Sheepscot River Banks Covered in Snow
Snowy Maine Dock Light
Snowy Maine Dock and Sailboat
Snowy Tree in Maine

P.S. I tag all photos on Instagram from Zander’s Grandma’s house with #GramsHouseMaine and have tons of Maine posts if you want to check them out!

Marseille Markets

While we were in Marseille France, we kept coming across some awesome markets, a few with a variety of items like soap, olives, tea and espadrilles, a plant market and an amazing fish market. Here are some photos from those markets while I wrap up the full Marseille city guide!

Marseille-Fish-Market-1 Marseille-Fish-Market-2 Marseille-Fish-Market-3 Marseille-Fish-Market-4 Marseille-Fish-Market-5 Marseille-Fish-Market-6 Marseille-Fish-Market-7 Marseille-Fish-Market-8 Marseille-France-Outdoor-Market-1 Marseille-France-Outdoor-Market-2 Marseille-France-Outdoor-Market-3 Marseille-France-Outdoor-Market-4 Marseille-France-Outdoor-Market-5

Barcelona Spain


Continuing the sprancing recaps with Barcelona! We stayed at this apartment in the historic El Barri Gòtic area. The streets were tiny alleyways and our building looked like it was going to collapse at any moment, but it was an amazing location and experience. The last photo is a view from our window, the one morning we woke up earlier enough to see the street cleaning patrol. I really didn’t know what to expect from Barcelona but it ended up being one of my favorite cities! There are so many different areas, the mountains, the port, the beach, the parks, the old squares and gothic quarter and I loved it all! Use this link for $25 off your first Airbnb booking!


Food + Drink in Barcelona

La Deliciosa (on the beach)
Kiosko BurgerInstagrammed
Rosa del Raval
Restaurant Elche for paella • Instagrammed

Things to do in Barcelona

Playa Sant Sebastia – Barceloneta
Santa Maria del Mar Church • Instagrammed
Barcelona Cathedral • Instagrammed 1 • Instagrammed 2
Plaça Reial
Casa Batlló • Instagrammed
Montjuïc Mountain (gondola ride, Montjuïc Castle, Piscina olimpica)
La Sagrada Familia
Picasso Museum
Port Vell
Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona
La Rambla
Gothic Quarter























Travel Memorabilia

Memorabilia from Marseille France

Today is the day that I head home from seven weeks of travel. I don’t really know how to feel. I’m totally ready for my own bed, washing machine, comfort food, friends and family, but I’m going to miss getting to explore something new everyday. I’m going to miss Zander (who is still traveling for work through November) and my best friend (who lives in NYC).

Memorabilia from Paris France

I didn’t really know what to expect when I left for these adventures. I had a flight scheduled home for about three weeks in but decided to ride the trip out with my friends and THEN meet up with Zander since we hadn’t seen each other for the two months after our engagement. This spontaneity is NOT like me at all. A million things ran through my mind, I should be saving up for the wedding, my clients will hate my weird schedule, I really want to renovate the bathroom, what are you thinking?! But in my heart, I felt like it was something I couldn’t pass up.

Memorabilia from Barcelona Spain

Before we left on our trip, Megan and I knew we wanted to collaborate on an ongoing creative project while we traveled together. We decided to photograph mementos from each of the main cities we traveled to, Marseille, Paris, Barcelona, Nice and Madrid.

Memorabilia from Nice France

I am SO glad we did it, it was sort of like a meditation at the end of each city to remember what was important during our time there. It also meant we could capture these items in a photo and didn’t have to be weighed down by them for the rest of our journey (of course we still kept a few favorites). These photos will help me to remember this amazing trip forever! Much better than a bathroom renovation, eh?

Memorabilia from Madrid Spain

I’ve already shared a travel guide for Madrid and some photos from Segovia, would you guys be interested in seeing recaps from each city in a separate post? Or would that be travel overload?

Segovia Spain

While in Madrid we decided to take a day trip to Segovia which is just a short train ride away. Once we got there we basically just wandered the small streets and followed the signs around the city to the Aqueduct, Alcázar (rumored to have inspired the castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty), Cathedral and Casa de los Picos House. It’s an amazing little town with the most charming paths and views of the country side. If you are ever in Madrid and have an extra day, I would definitely take the trip!

Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 1 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 2 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 3 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 4 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 5 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 6 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 7 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 8 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 9 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 10Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 11 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 12 Segovia Spain Madrid Day Trip 13

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