Maybe This Inspired That // Monday Blues Confusion by Peggy Reimchen

Today’s Maybe This Inspired That is from Lisa! Lisa Danielson is a Graphic Designer/Photographer living and working in Chicago, IL. She is the founder of Neat Idea, Lisa. Design, Photography, Optimism. Your brand with a fresh perspective. Lisa specializes in logo design/branding, print design and custom photography for start-up companies and entertainers.

Maybe This Inspired That :: Monday Blues Confusion by Peggy Reimchen

The Art // Monday Blues Confusion by Peggy Reimchen is instantly mesmerizing and beautifully abstract with the strong blue hue and bright reflection. The lines are sharp yet skewed by the water and capture the viewer’s attention to lead them through the photograph. I love that this piece is hard to tell what exactly it is until you look closely.

The Inspired // This beautiful Day Tripper Scarf has a brilliantly cool pattern which instantly reminded me of the lines in Peggy Reimchen‘s photo.

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Maybe This Inspired That // Galena by Erik Jones

MTIT // Galena by theirison

The Art // This painting titled Galena by Erik Jones stopped me dead in my internet browsing tracks. She looks like she’s wearing some futuristic head-dress. The splashes of lines and colors create an exotic mane, but her features and expression is so calm and elegant.

The Inspired // This ceramic vessel by Elke Sada is a piece of art on it’s own. It looks as if a painting has been cut up and molded into a bowl.

Maybe This Inspired That // Amphibolite by Natalie Nicklin

Maybe This Inspired That // Amphibolite by Natalie Nicklin

The Art // Natalie Nicklin’s colorful, geometric mixed media art has me thinking Space Race/Cold War with a updated hipster flare. I love the soft pastels and the harsh blacks. Her Society Six shop has lots of affordable print options that it makes it hard to choose just one!

The Inspired // This Alyson Fox Triangle Pillow Cover from West Elm echoes the soft colors and geometric shapes of Natalie Nicklin’s art. This would look really good on my sofa…


Maybe This Inspired That // Ilove’u Project by Francesca Capellini

Maybe This Inspired That // Ilove'u Project by Francesca Capellini

The Art // I came across Francesca Capellini’s Ilove’u project on Pinterest (bless you, Pinterest) today and I had to share. I’ve always been a fan of mixed media art, and this is just so sweet. I love the black and white photos mixed with the graphic patterns and playful illustrations.

The Inspired // This painted bowl from Nicole Porter is also a mix—paint and hardwood. I love the color combination and the graphic stripes.

Maybe This Inspired That // Red and Pink on Pink by Mark Rothko

Hey guys, it’s Thursday so Amanda is back with another Maybe This Inspired That! And you want to know something awesome?! Amanda and I finally got to meet and hangout at Alt! I also got to meet Melissa who writes The Font Feast AND I roomed with Mariah who writes some awesome blogging advice posts here! Here is a picture of the four of us (it’s a pretty crappy photo, but hey, it’s a memory)!

Maybe This Inspired That // Red and Pink on Pink by Mark Rothko

The Art // Mark Rothko started the color block and the ombre trends way back in the 1930’s. His massive abstract “landscape” paintings fill your whole eye with color, flowing in and out from dark to light. He is one of my favorite artists from history.

The Inspired // Fig. 01, Fig. 02, Fig. 03