Monroe Font [Friday Favorites]

I have a new favorite font! Monroe by Daniel Hernandez is a contemporary, lightweight slab serif, equally at home making a splash on the pages of websites as it is in printed publications like magazines and catalogs.

It offers a broad scale of typographic possibilities thanks to its plethora of alternate lettershapes, ligatures and swashed upper- and lowercase variants.

Monroe’s generous horizontal width makes makes it an excellent selection for headlines, music packaging, brochures, posters, logos and more.

With a little OpenType magic — its flamboyant flourishes and swashes set it apart from its contemporaries in the modern slab genre.

Description and samples from MyFonts.

Edge Painted Business Cards [Friday Favorites]

I’ve been thinking about getting some new business cards just because I like the look of these edge painted cards so much. I have been seeing this technique around a lot lately, here are a few of my favorites. has even come out with a new Luxe business card, with a rich seam of color running through the paper (not the same technique as edge painting, but the same effect). If you follow this Moo link you get 10% off your first order!

Photos click through to their sources. This post is not sponsored by Moo, I just really like their products.

The Meal – Documenting a Global Snack

One moment. One meal. One photograph. Let’s eat. On February 24th at 12pm EST, thousands of people around the world joined in a simultaneous global meal… and I was one of them! Whether it was breakfast in LA or a midnight snack in Beijing, we took a moment from our hectic lives to share it with strangers around the world. We all snapped a photo of ourselves and our meal and sent a print to the Art House Co-op. On April 5th, they exhibited these self-portraits, documenting the world’s largest communal snack.


Our aim is to inspire a feeling of community across geographic and cultural boundaries, while addressing the statement that “you are what you eat.” However, for nearly a billion people around the world, hunger is a constant daily reality and “what you eat” is never enough. In conceiving of this project, our thoughts immediately turned to the chronic problem of global hunger and the amazing organizations that struggle against this persistent crisis. Take a look at the many ways to get involved today. – Art House Co-op


Visit Art House Co-op on Flickr for all of the submissions and more photos from the exhibition. If anyone spots mine on the wall PLEASE let me know! All photos (except my entry) from Art House Co-op.