The A-Z of Ciera

Ciera A-Z

Saw this on Our.City.Lights (and lot’s of the other blogs I follow) and decided I would join in the fun!

A. Age: 28

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore that you hate: Cleaning the bathroom.

D. Dogs: 
“D’ya like dags?
Dags? What?
Yeah, dags.
Oh, dogs. Sure, I like dags. I like caravans more.” 
(first thing that popped into my head when I read this)

E. Essential start to your day: Breakfast and coffee, otherwise I am cranky.

F. Favorite color: Kelly green

G. Gold or Silver: I like both, depends on the day but I guess I’m in a gold phase right now.

H. Height: 5’3″

I. Instruments you play: NOT musically talented, I took piano and violin lessons when I was little but those did not last long.

J. Job title: Freelance graphic designer

K. Kids: One day

L. Live: Living in Boston since December

M. Mother’s name: Cecilia, the reason my name starts with a C

N. Nicknames: Era, Ce, Hungry, Holzie

O. Overnight hospital stays:  No overnighters

P. Pet peeves: People who are not aware of personal space and when people stop in the middle of a doorway/path etc.

Q. Quote from a movie: “How can a train be lost? It’s on rails.”

R. Right or left handed: Righty. Funny story: My sister (who is a lefty) and I both swear that my dad used to be left handed and we made him switch to a righty. My parents have NO idea what we are talking about.

S. Siblings: 1 little sis. Jasmine

T. Tattoos: I like them on other people, but I don’t have any.

U. Underwear: Yes, I wear them.

V. Vegetable you hate: I never choose to eat brussel sprouts but I wouldn’t say I hate them. I love all vegetables!

W. What makes you run late: Not enough sleep.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: I had my hand x-rayed once, it randomly hurt for a year… never figured out why, but I’m glad that stopped.

Y. Yummy food that you make: I like to make red beans and rice but my boyfriend has taken over most of the cooking because he is WAY better at it.

Z. Zoo animal: Giraffes make me laugh.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me. If you join in, post a link in the comments so I can read your A-Zs! Photo by Zander White.

Brother & Sister Fonts [Friday Favorites]

How cute, brother and sister fonts! Verna is a fun, modern and versatile font that has a set of automatic ligatures, discretionary ligatures, swash initials and a selection of ornaments.

Verner, the ‘script brother’ comes with a set of nicely drawn ligatures, swash characters, a selection of ornaments and some alternate characters. The fonts from Fenotype can both be acquired from MyFonts at an affordable price.

Type samples from MyFonts.

Campfire Chic

I came across Campfire Chic’s Etsy shop last month right after one of my camping trips. In 2010 Kam started an Etsy shop with a few bits of ribbon and some wooden postcards. In just one year it has turned into a shop full of adorable camp-themed items! She now sells embroidery patterns, darling cross-stitched goods and notebooks inspired by her camping adventures, hikes and backpacking trips. Campfire Chic items make a perfect gift for nature lovers looking for a crafty hobby or a decorative piece for your own home!

Campfire Chic 1

Campfire Chic 2

Campfire Chic 3

Kam also shares her camping adventure stories on her Campfire Chic blog! All images from Campfire Chic.

And the blue ribbon goes to…

I had so much fun looking at all of the ribbon winning items at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair. Ribbons were awarded for everything from photography and lace to veggies and flowers. The huge cabbages were my favorite, I don’t even think I could have picked the thing up!

Blue Ribbon 1 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair

Blue Ribbon 2 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair

Blue Ribbon 3 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair

Blue Ribbon 4 West Tisbury Fair

Blue Ribbon 5 West Tisbury Fair

Blue Ribbon 6 West Tisbury Fair

Blue Ribbon 7 West Tisbury Fair

Brand Spotlight: Kate Spade

Kate Spade is known all over the world for their bold and stylish designer clothing, shoes and accessories. I recently became fascinated with the Kate Spade brand when I started receiving their email newsletters. They are beautifully designed and I’m always excited when one is delivered to my inbox.

The recent redesign of the online presence was completed by CreateThe Group in conjunction with Kate Spade’s internal creative team. The brand stands out from the crowd with simple shapes, graphic prints and a playful sophistication of vibrant colors and typography that parallel the product perfectly.

That combination of luxury, vibrance, classic elements and a continuing passion and determination to LIVE COLORFULLY is what creates this memorable brand.

Kate Spade Branding Collage

Kate Spade Branding Collage

Kate Spade Branding Collage

Kate Spade Branding Collage