December Favorites – A Recap

December brought a few changes my way. I am officially back to full-time freelance and because of that I am taking a long trip home to New Orleans! Also in December, I announced that the blog will now be accepting sponsors. I thought a lot about this and decided that it was time! In case you missed some posts throughout the month, here are my favorites:


1 // In My Bag
2 // Sultry & Sweet Holiday Looks
3 // Perfect Holiday Packaging
4 // Simple Afternoon Snack Recipe
5 // Maine Antiquing & A Coffee Table
6 // Homemade Gifts & Washi Tape Cards
7 // Ciera Design is Now Accepting Sponsors
8 // Christmas Brunch

I have a lot planned for January but if you have any special requests just let me know! xo Ciera

Christmas Day Brunch Snapshots

Yesterday was my parents first Christmas back in their house since hurricane Katrina so it was extra special to be back there! My dad was sick in bed the whole day so that was not ideal but overall it was a great day. And look at what an awesome job my mom did decorating and cooking!

Christmas 2011 Brunch 1

Christmas 2011 Brunch 2

Christmas 2011 Brunch 3

Christmas 2011 Brunch 4

Christmas 2011 Brunch 5

Christmas 2011 Brunch 6

Christmas 2011 Brunch 7

Christmas 2011 Brunch 8

Christmas 2011 Brunch 9

Christmas 2011 Brunch 10

Christmas 2011 Brunch 11

Christmas 2011 Brunch 12

Christmas 2011 Brunch 13

Christmas 2011 Brunch 14

Christmas 2011 Brunch 15

Ciera Design is Now Accepting Sponsors

The blog just celebrated 2 years and as it continues to grow I receive more inquiries about advertising and sponsorship opportunities. I’ve been holding off on that for a while because it’s important to me that advertising does not influence my content. I wanted to concentrate on creating unique ideas and give the blog time to develop.

Now that the blog is on a steady track and I’m back to working full-time freelance I have decided to open the blog up to sponsorship in order to dedicate more time towards creating original content. Sponsorships also help to build great relationships in the web world and allows me to share all of these new friends with you!

I have simplified my sidebar and reserved spaces just waiting to be filled with potential sponsors. If you’re interested in sponsoring please check out my advertising page and we can get started!

Photo by Zander White

Homemade gifts for everyone!

Still in need of a few last minute presents? Glass jars are great for repurposing as gifts. This idea works for everyone on your list since it is totally customizable! Just decorate the jars and fill them with something unique for each person.

Washi Jars 1

Displaying gifts in a jar gives a clean appearance that lets the present last long after the holidays. I decorated my jars with washi tape and printed customized tags and labels for them.

One of my favorite things to fill the jars with is homemade granola. It is delicious and keeps for months. If granola is not your thing, try other homemade items such as jam, cocoa or chai tea mix, candy or mixed nuts. The jars can also be filled with non-edible items such as bath salts, mini terrarium, snow globe, craft or sewing kit supplies… and as you can see, the possibilities are almost endless!


Washi Jars 2

Washi Jars 3

Gifts in a jar are a favorite homemade holiday gift of mine because they are easy, inexpensive and one-of-a-kind! I’ll be posting matching washi tape greeting cards and envelopes next week so subscribe to the Ciera Design RSS feed if  you don’t want to miss out!

Washi tape from Pretty Tape.

Maine antiquing and a coffee table

After living in Boston for almost a year we finally ditched the cardboard box for a real coffee table, yay! Zander and I went to a few antique shops while in Maine during our Thanksgiving up there and picked out a table. We plan on refinishing it, but if that takes as long as just purchasing it did, that may take a while. I’ll be sure to post a before and after of that but in the meantime, here are some photos of other items that I found interesting while we were out looking.

Maine Antiques - Deer Head

Maine Antiques - Boat Part and Lady

Maine Antiques - Bottles

Maine Antiques Blue Man and Bottles

Maine Antiques - Buffalo

A simple afternoon snack

Mix solid white albacore tuna fish with a small amount of mayonnaise. Place a spoonful of mixed tuna onto a stone ground wheat cracker. Top with a wedge of tomato, grated parmesan cheese, fresh chopped basil, salt & pepper and you have yourself a yummy afternoon snack!

Afternoon Snack

Afternoon Snack

Perfect Holiday Packaging

Hopefully you have most of your holiday shopping done (unless you are a procrastinator like me) and now it is time to start thinking about wrapping all of those gifts! I have created a collection of my favorite supplies and some inspirations to help you create unique packages this year! You can also check out this holiday bag DIY from my archives.


twine / boxes / tags / something special / sparkle / tape / all inspiration photos click through to source