The August Break 2011: Day 1

This month I’m going to join in on Susannah Conway’s August Break! The premise is to have a little break from the pressures and expectations of regular blogging. I don’t usually write very much anyway, so you may not even notice a difference. I’ll be posting one photo (or more!) per day, Monday to Friday and there will be less themed blog posts and more random photography by me! I may add some captions but for the most part I’ll let the photo do the talking. I have been very busy with a full time design position and freelance jobs. The August Break will allow me to catch up and plan some exciting blog posts for September as well as get some practice with my new camera! All of these photographs will also be linked to my August Break Set on Flickr if you would like to follow along there.

So here’s Day #1:

Rock Heart

If you want to read all the details about The August Break, click the image below: 

Think Big, Shop Small – New Monthly Feature!

I joined Etsy last October and I could not believe the talent I found while browsing around. I save all of my favorite items and shops internally on Etsy but I want to share all of this talent with y’all too! I’m starting a new monthly feature that highlights my favorites from small, independent shops and businesses on Etsy and anywhere else I happen to find them!

If you want  to be featured in a Think Big, Shop Small post just contact me. I want to help support all of the small businesses that have such big ideas! Update: I am no longer running this series but please feel free to contact me about featuring your shop!

Easy Summer Salad Recipe

I made this lettuce free salad over the weekend. It is so easy and healthy and so delicious!

Summer Salad Recipe

You need

cucumber, radish, carrot, oil & vinegar or Italian dressing



Thinly slice cucumber and radishes. Shred carrots. Combine vegetables in a bowl. Add dressing of choice. Cover and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Enjoy on a hot day!


Let me know if you make it and how it comes out!

Brights & Stripes

I love using Pinterest to collect fashion related images. I don’t usually wear bold colors or patterns but in reviewing my style pinboard, it looks like I’m into brights and stripes this summer! If you do not have a natural fashion sense (which I am not gifted with), Pinterest can really help you visualize a personal style. I hope to keep this brights and stripes theme in mind next time I go shopping and liven up my wardrobe. What is your favorite summer look?


Style Pinboard

View my style pinboard for image credits.

Paper Samples [Much Love Monday]

I love paper. Stationery, cards, invitations, posters, art prints, paper art and even paper samples. If it’s made out of paper, then I’m interested! I love looking through sample and promo books from paper companies. It helps me to visualize how things print on different papers. Nothing compares to seeing and feeling the paper itself. The promotional books are also great for inspiration and learning new techniques. If you are a designer you can order swatchbooks and promotional books from most paper companies. Some of my favorites are Mohawk, Neenah and Sappi. All of these companies also have great designer resource sections to their websites which I love!

Sappi Paper Promo

Sappi Paper Promo

Kalima Book

Neenah Books