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Heading Home

Huge news today friends! Zander and I have decided it’s time to move back to New Orleans! I’ve had an amazing year and a half living in Boston. I’ve made some amazing friends and explored more of the North East than I ever imagined I would! But our hearts are in New Orleans.

New Orleans Chris Rose Quote


Everyone in New Orleans has a special connection and shows it through eye contact when passing on the street. I miss that. I miss the warm, friendly and happy people. I miss hard rains, hidden courtyards, wonderful food, Oak trees, great music, the unique gumbo of people, southern hospitality and dive bars.

“If there was ever a town to have a reason to be full of sorrow and pain it is New Orleans. And although the damages of Katrina, poverty and crime are all around, it does not stop people from living to the fullest. Every day is a new day and more reason to celebrate.” -The Hungry Nomad


Proud To Call It Home New Orleans We Live In The Moment

It’s hard to explain, but New Orleans just has something special. It is not fast or efficient. It’s slow, sweaty and lazy, but it’s home. Every inch of this city has something beautiful in it’s own special way. I’ll miss the North East tremendously, but I’m ready to be back in the city that stole my heart!


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Big Chicken Barn Used Books

Big Chicken Barn in Ellsworth, Maine has an amazing collection of used books and magazines. If you are ever in the area, I recommend stopping in, if just to flip through some books, like we did!

Big Chicken Barn Used Books Aisles and Signs

Big Chicken Barn Vintage National Geographic Magazines

Big Chicken Barn Multi Colored Used Books and The World's Progress

Big Chicken Barn Used Books Hey!! Kids Comics Metal Sign

Big Chicken Barn Used Books Aisles and Book Spines

Big Chicken Barn Used Books Book Spines

Shelves of Vintage National Geographic Magazines

Big Chicken Barn Used Books Aisles and Signs

Check out all of the photos from my Maine Road trip! I’m participating in the August Break again this year! Just to have a little break from the pressures and expectations of regular blogging. Read more about it on Susannah Conway’s site.

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DIY Air Plant Terrarium

My dad gardens more than anyone I know. He is always outside planting new things, repotting, rearranging and watering. Growing up, my yard was basically a jungle. Unfortunately, I did not inherit a green thumb from him. I’m VERY bad with plants, but I finally found a type that I haven’t killed (well not yet, at least)! Air Plants (also known as Tillandsia) don’t require soil to grow, only moderate light and a good soak every week or so—very low-maintenance! They are kinda weird-looking, but these little guys have so much personality! I find them so unique and beautiful!

Tillandsia Air Plant Glass Globe Terrarium Hanging from rope


Once I realized that I could keep these guys alive, I became obsessed with making little terrariums for them. They are super easy, affordable and very versatile. I made some for hanging and some for sitting flat on a table or shelf.


1: container – a glass globe or any glass container (mason jars also work great)
2: base material – moss, gravel or glass pebbles
3: plants – it is nice to have a few different sizes to add interest (I got mine here)


Once you have your materials gathered, just cover the bottom of your container with the base material and add your air plants on top. Told ya it was easy! Feel free to get creative with it, you can really add whatever you like to the terrarium, I added some special shells and rocks that I collected from a few vacations.


Close Up of Tillandsia Air Plant Glass Globe Terrarium with Gravel on Table

Tillandsia Air Plant Glass Globe Terrarium on Shelf with ramones album and candles

Two Tillandsia Air Plant Glass Globe Terrariums on Table with Rope

Hanging Tillandsia Air Plant Glass Globe Terrarium



I want to share the air plant love, so today I am giving away an air plant globe terrarium to 2 lucky readers! UPDATE: Winner announced here.

TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: I’m using Rafflecopter to track entries so you can login below through Facebook OR your email and it will allow you to enter multiple ways! Good luck!!

If you are in a reader click out to access the Rafflecopter entry form. This giveaway is open through August 9.  The winner’s name will be chosen randomly and announced soon after. Please note that your entry will be removed if you do not complete it correctly. Must have a USA shipping address to be eligible for entry.

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Brand Spotlight: Brooklyn Taco

Just loving this brand identity for Brooklyn Taco Co. by Tag Collective. How about you?

The identity started with a wordmark that speaks to their craft and references hand painted signage seen throughout Brooklyn, this is paired with a Mexican inspired color palette and patterns.

From the groundwork created by the graphic identity, the space took shape incorporating a strong graphic pattern, color palette and typography provided by the brand toolkit.

Photos and quotes via Tag Collective.

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August Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Hello August! Zander and I have collaborated again and have an August desktop wallpaper for y’all!

August Desktop Calendar Wallpaper by Ciera Design

Download: 2560x1440 / 1920x1200 / 1680x1050 / 1280x1024 / ipad / iphone

 For personal use only.

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Favorite Posts of July

July was a busy month, I shared lots of travels with you guys and updated my blog design! If you missed anything, here is a recap of my favorite posts! I have a lot planned for August, and some huge news coming up!

July Favorite Posts


Favorite Posts of July:

1 Home Tour: Bedroom Details
2 Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
3 Julieta: A New Favorite Font
4 The Old North Church Tour
5 Boston Common and Public Garden Tour
6 Juxtaposed 01
7 A Collection of Maxi Skirts
8 DIY Travel Map Cork Board
9 Awesome Driftwood


Ciera Design elsewhere in July:

- Announced that I’m now on the social media team for RevolutionizeHer!
- Featured my beloved home town of New Orleans on Show & Tell’s city guide!
- One of my photographs was used on Verily Magazine


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