Campfire Chic

I came across Campfire Chic’s Etsy shop last month right after one of my camping trips. In 2010 Kam started an Etsy shop with a few bits of ribbon and some wooden postcards. In just one year it has turned into a shop full of adorable camp-themed items! She now sells embroidery patterns, darling cross-stitched goods and notebooks inspired by her camping adventures, hikes and backpacking trips. Campfire Chic items make a perfect gift for nature lovers looking for a crafty hobby or a decorative piece for your own home!

Campfire Chic 1

Campfire Chic 2

Campfire Chic 3

Kam also shares her camping adventure stories on her Campfire Chic blog! All images from Campfire Chic.

And the blue ribbon goes to…

I had so much fun looking at all of the ribbon winning items at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair. Ribbons were awarded for everything from photography and lace to veggies and flowers. The huge cabbages were my favorite, I don’t even think I could have picked the thing up!

Blue Ribbon 1 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair

Blue Ribbon 2 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair

Blue Ribbon 3 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair

Blue Ribbon 4 West Tisbury Fair

Blue Ribbon 5 West Tisbury Fair

Blue Ribbon 6 West Tisbury Fair

Blue Ribbon 7 West Tisbury Fair

Brand Spotlight: Kate Spade

Kate Spade is known all over the world for their bold and stylish designer clothing, shoes and accessories. I recently became fascinated with the Kate Spade brand when I started receiving their email newsletters. They are beautifully designed and I’m always excited when one is delivered to my inbox.

The recent redesign of the online presence was completed by CreateThe Group in conjunction with Kate Spade’s internal creative team. The brand stands out from the crowd with simple shapes, graphic prints and a playful sophistication of vibrant colors and typography that parallel the product perfectly.

That combination of luxury, vibrance, classic elements and a continuing passion and determination to LIVE COLORFULLY is what creates this memorable brand.

Kate Spade Branding Collage

Kate Spade Branding Collage

Kate Spade Branding Collage

Kate Spade Branding Collage

August Break – It’s moving time!

wherever we are together

Wherever We Are Together by VOL25


Did I forget to mention that tomorrow is official moving day for me?! My August Break has come to an end, but between wrapping up a bunch of projects and preparing for the move (into a much needed larger apartment!), I may need to extend the break a few days. My apologies in advance if I am little M.I.A the next few days… I’ll keep you updated about our move and plan on posting photos of our new place as we slowly furnish and decorate it!


A Sunny Day In Maine

My break photographs are also linked to my August Break Set on Flickr.