Clearly a change is in the air.

Clearly a change is in the air, a new etsy treasury of inspiring images. Hope you enjoy!

Deer antlers print – 14 – de…


Set of Three Air Plant Globe…


teal shell, new hat-not disc…


Life is beautiful (wood floo…


small pinwheel cup


Home Sweet Home Recycled Boo…


Chevron Arrows Brass Necklac…


Queen Anne Lace photo wildfl…


11 x 14, Single Unframed Gic…


Turks Knot Necklace in Ocean


Dusty Miller Boutonniere by …


Looking Glass No. 6




French white Vintage school …


Decorative Designer Fabric-B…


YLC Logo and Gala Invitation Design

The YLC has maintained its tradition of highlighting 25 members of the community each year since its inception in 1986. I designed the invitation set for the Young Leadership Council 2010 Role Model Awards Gala and was thrilled when they asked me to design the items for the gala again this year! I also designed a 25th anniversary variation of the YLC logo which is used on the gala items. It will also be incorporated into their branding for the upcoming year as they celebrate! 

young leadership council gala 4

young leadership council gala 3

young leadership council gala 2

25th anniversary logo pin and event program shown above. Invitation photographs (1-3) by Ciera Holzenthal. Event photographs (4-6) by Laura Rockett Photography. Visit the YLC website for more information.



When I was younger I went camping every Spring Break for Easter with my parents and a huge group of their friends and kids. It was always so much fun to be outdoors and explore new territories each time. When I moved away for college I no longer had any of the camping gear so I have not been camping in a long time… until last month! Z and I got a new tent and headed to his family house in Maine. We packed up our tent and an ice chest and rowed to a nearby island so small it does not even have an official name. The town calls it Outlaw Island since a man who escaped from prison lived there a few years back. Yikes! We scouted the best place for our tent (basically the only one section of dry land) and built a fire pit. We drank wine, ate dinner and hung out around the fire. The moon was so bright we could see the entire island without flashlights, it was amazing! We plan on getting some lightweight sleeping pads next, so I can’t wait until we take our next trip!


Ciera and Zander Camping





setting up the tent



Camping Shoes


Fire Sunset

I’m participating in the August Break. Photos 2-5-7-12 by Zander White others by me.


Tie Dye Process

I got a big bleach blotch on one of my favorite dresses and instead of throwing it out I attempted to camouflage it. I tie dyed it with bleach so that the discolored spot would look intentional. It did not turn out like I wanted but here are my process photos.

Tie Dye Dress 1

Tie Dye Dress 2

Tie Dye Dress 3

Tie Dye Dress 4

Tie Dye Dress 5

If you ever find your self wanted to tie dye… make sure the rubber bands are VERY tight! Lesson learned. Zander also got a great shot of the dress drying. At least we got a cool photo out of the process.

All of these photographs will also be linked to my August Break Set on Flickr.