Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden

Zander and I have been seriously sprucing up our yard before it gets too hot to bear! We bought lots of new plants and got our DIY on! Sooo excited about this project, I’ve had it in mind since last summer and I absolutely love how it tuned out, it really makes a difference in our yard!

DIY Fence Can Planters

Here is a before photo which is actually from last year before we built the planter box along this fence, yuck!


So the steps are super simple. Zander cooks a lot of pizza so we saved the cans that the tomatoes came in until we had enough. Remove the labels and then punch a few holes in the bottoms for drainage. You can also use little tin buckets.


Spray paint the outsides of the cans and let dry. I used Krylon Basic Blue. Then spray at least the first inch of the insides, I went ahead and painted the full inside.


Once the paint is totally dry use screws to attach the cans to the fence.


We just eyeballed the positioning making sure to alternate heights.


Fill the cans about half way with soil, then plant your desired flowers or herbs.


Water the plants and you are good to go!

Watering Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden


Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden and Trellis


And this is how it looks a month later, look at how big our tomato plant got!

Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden and Planter Box

Tin Can Fence Flower Garden

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  1. Thanks for this!! I never even thought about it! Will DEFINITELY do this!!

  2. I love this idea! I think it would be great for strawberries. You could put water drip lines to keep them watered in the hottest part of the summer. What a great splash of color!

  3. So super cute! Our new house has a huge fence and I planned on doing this as well, but wasn’t sold on a color until now. The blue is perfection!

  4. Love this! I shared it on Facebook the other day and it was a BIG hit!

  5. Tried something like this last year but with full sun and 105*+ temps all summer (Central CA) our plants didn’t stand a chance :(
    They burned or the soil dried out faster than we could water them (daily basis). Any tips on how to improve that situation? I love the look!

    • We have not been through the hottest part of summer yet, so I hope this doesn’t happen! One flower has died so far but the others are fine. Try something that can handle a little less water, maybe even succulents or cacti!

  6. I love it! It definitely adds some colour to that fence, and the photos are lovely, too.

  7. Daniel Dohoczki says:

    Linda a sua idéia e bem prática…..parabéns!!

  8. What a cute idea! It definitely spruces up the backyard tons!

  9. I love this idea, Ciera! Great work. I guess I need to get some outdoor space first…

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