The Most Popular Fonts of 2013

Before I start sharing some new favorite fonts this year, I though it would be fun to show y’all the most popular fonts of 2013 (according to MyFonts). I have already featured a few of them here over the past year as some of my personal favorites. Did you have a favorite font in 2013? 


Core CircusCore Circus Font Type Sample



ClavoClavo Serif Font Type Sample



Style ScriptStyle Script Type Sample



Brandon TextBrandon Text Type Sample


Charcuterie Charcuterie Type Sample


CorbertCorbert Type Sample


Desire Font Type Sample



Trend Font Type Sample


Hurme Geometric Sans No.4 Hurme Geometric Sans No 4 Type Sample


Thirsty RoughThirsty Rough Type Sample



Quadon Type Sample


Cantoni Cantoni Script Type Sample


Type samples from Affiliate links used.

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  1. Indeed, Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very creative design.

  3. i think thirsty rough has been used by everyone, their brother, their brother’s barista, and their brother’s barista’s brother. i’ve seen it in no less than 30 million places. at first, it was sort of cool and novel. now – just plain irritating.

    (and yes, i used it in a project. i feel so dirty.)

  4. Really love the Clavo on. Classy and easy to read. Thanks for introducing me to these! One of my news years resolutions is understanding fonts and design better :)

  5. Thanks for sharing Ciera! I’m going to download some of these today.

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