Thanksgiving Recap

For Thanksgiving Zander and I went up to Maine to his grandmother’s house. It was as beautiful as it always is! We had two friends come up from New York and we had a great time building fires to keep warm and eating way too much food! Zander’s grandmother got this new John Deer so everyone had some fun riding all over her property! Don’t worry, I had a turn too!

Maine House

The day after Thanksgiving the boys built a fire pit but we were all too wimpy to stay out in the cold for too long, haha!

Maine Fire Pit

They have an amazing fish house down by the water that we hung out in one night drinking mulled wine and hot cider, it was SO cold, the fire was barely warming the place up!

Fishhouse Session Pops

And as if Thanksgiving didn’t get us fat enough we decided to have a huge New England style feast a few days later! Homemade chowder, lobster rolls and salad, SO good!

Downeast Feast

Since we were flying out of Boston we decide to leave Maine early that morning to have a few hours in the city. We went to our favorite pizza spot and then watched the Patriots game before heading to the airport.


Full width photos by Zander, all others by me.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! My boyfriend and I love Maine! Whereabouts were you?

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