My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Home Office Employee

I know a lot of people who have recently made the switch from a full time office job, to working from home or from their own studio. Here are some great items that I love having in my home office and wouldn’t think twice about getting them for a fellow ‘home office employee’ as a gift!

Home Office Employee Gift Guide

iPhone Handset Talking on your cell phone gets old fast so a handset is very useful especially when I am trying to multitask.

Lap Desk Since I don’t always work from my desk having a lap desk is great, my laptop gets ridiculously hot.

Bronzing Lotion Working from home sometimes I don’t get enough sun. This lotion is amazing for a quick, natural glow.

Stickygrams I love using my Instagram photos to liven up my home office.

Neu Year Wall Calendar In order to keep organized, I need to see the upcoming weeks at a glance. I discovered this huge wall calendar last year and already got my 2014 one ready to hang!

Flannel Slippers Let’s face it, most days I work in my pajamas and slippers!

Office Chair Everyone can use a nice comfy office chair.

Beverage Warmer This is seriously my favorite thing in my office, nice warm coffee or tea all day long!

Monogram Mug It’s nice to add a little personal touch to my desk

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  1. cozy slippers are a must!

  2. Such great ideas!!!

  3. Those lap desks are genius! I My laptop does the same thing – I wonder if it’s a mac thing?

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