What I Wore: DIY Saints Jersey Tank

It’s football time! The Saints first game was yesterday and while I love repping my team, I get bored with wearing the same ole t-shirts that everyone else has. So when my sister said she bought us shirts from TJ Maxx to make our own Saint’s gear I was super excited!

DIY Football Jersey Shirt

Making a top like this of your own is pretty simple! Use any shirt in a style you like in your favorite teams color. A top with athletic detailing, like this mesh sweatshirt is perfect! Then, find a good sporty looking font like Player, Return Pass, High School USA or Freshman to create the design you want. I picked a big number 9 for Drew Brees, the Saints quarterback! Print your design on adhesive paper, trim with an Exacto knife, stick it to your shirt and paint with fabric paint in a contrasting color.

How To Make A Sports Jersey Shirt

Once the paint has dried, remove the adhesive template and you have yourself a fashionable jersey! That is my dad below getting in on the pealing action! Head over to Sequin Crush for more detailed instructions and how Jasmine styled her shirt.

How To Make A Football Jersey Shirt

It is still very hot here in NOLA so I wore the tank tied up to the side with jean shorts, but I can’t wait to wear it with leggings once the weather starts to cool down (if it ever happens).

DIY Sports Jersey Shirt

What I Wore DIY  New Orleans Saints Tank

What I Wore DIY New Orleans Saints Shirt

Last two photos by Zander White.

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  1. Lauren says:

    This is such a cute project!! Where did you find the sparkly fabric paint and adhesive paper? Thanks!

  2. Do you know if this diy can lasts through wear/tear and multiple washes? Or is it a one time wear kinda thing? Awesome idea tho!

  3. This came out so well! I was expecting iron-on, but love the gold paint more!

  4. Love it in gold!

  5. OMG…that is such a cool DIY!

    Football season is not as big a thing here in Canada, I think. I could be wrong. It sounds like it’s a *thing* in the US though…it has it’s own foods and fashion that go along with it.

    I’m glad you clarified that the peeler is your dad ;P

  6. I love how simple this is! I see some new gym wear in my future. 😉 Thanks for posting!


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