Who’s Influencing Your Customers and Why it Matters

Who’s Influencing Your Customers and Why it Matters

Let’s face it – we’re all influenced by others in our lives, and your customers are influenced too. Those influencers help them make decisions on a daily basis – from what they buy to the music they listen to. In business, we call this your customer’s key influencers, and they’re more important than you think.

Types Of Key Influencers & Why it Matters

There are two types of key influencers – the first type are the people who are in your customer’s personal lives, like friends, family and co-workers.

These people are giving their opinion about different products and recommendations on their favorite things. They’re also the people who your customer will potentially consult with if they want to make a purchase from you. When your customer wants to do a total rebrand, go to a conference or purchase a big online program, they’re going to consult their spouse and friends for advice or approval, and usually the opinion of these people are very important to the buying decision. That’s why these types of key influencers are so important.

The second type of key influencers are the people your customer follows online, the blogs they read and the conferences they attend. It can also include the celebrities they watch and the music they listen to. Your customer is highly influenced by these media types, and it’s often where they find ideas about what to buy, wear and listen to. It’s not the group of people they have to talk to about buying, it’s the people who seriously influence what they buy.

As you can see, the people influencing your customers are pretty important, and as a business you need to get in front of both types of key influencers in order to get someone to buy from you.


How to Use Key Influencers to Sell Your Stuff

There are a few ways you can help your customer convince the first group of key influencers. One way is to provide them resources for talking to their family and friends about buying your products.

For example, if your customer really wants to buy your big-ticket product, they will probably talk to their close family about why they want to buy it and whether the cost and time is going to be worth the reward of purchasing. This group of influencers is most likely going to need a little bit of convincing, and your customer may need a little bit of help explaining what the benefits of buying are.

To help them, create a downloadable pdf of questions and comments that family members would normally ask about your product with an answer for each one. That way your customer will be prepared for the questions and can respond with a smart and confident answer, which will help them convince these key influencers to buy your product. You can see an example of this here.

As for the key influencers your customer follows online, you can use them to get in front of your customer as well.

If you know where your customer is hanging out online, you can pitch guest posts to those blogs or websites. If you have a physical product, you could send a sample to the editor of their favorite blog and pay for a feature, or you could donate your product for the swag bags at the conferences your customer might attend. If they see their key influencers using or featuring your product, they’ll be more interested in trying it out!

Figure out who your customer’s key influencers are and figure out a way to get in front of them! It will help bring you devoted customers and more sales.

Who are your customer’s key influencers? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Mariah is a Graphic Designer/Wedding Stylist who has a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs turn their passion into profit. She writes for the Advice column.

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  1. I love the guide for customers to talk to their key influencers. Such a great idea! Generally my client’s key influencers are usually their business partners so it’s an easier sell than selling to a sole proprietorship. I love what you say about encouraging product sellers to post on their customer’s favorite blogs. I think business owners forget how important it is to reach out to their customers using as many networks as possible. Great post!

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