A Splash of Pink in My Dream Office

A few months ago I started a Pinterest board to collect inspiration for my dream office. I always try to create a workspace that inspires me. Since I am at my desk and on my computer a lot, I need the space around me to be stimulating. So I was pinning away and realized that almost every image had a little pop of pink in it! I have never been that into pink but I guess now I am?!

My office is also my front entry room so I’m always looking for furniture and storage with dual purposes and flexibility. In my pins, I was also drawn to white walls which could really open up my space! You can check out all of my dream office inspiration here and in the descriptions I tell you why I like each idea for my office.

A Splash of Pink in My Dream Office

This board was created for a BHG Insiders Pinterest contest and it just so happens that I won! As the winner, I was not required to write a blog post, I just wanted to share my inspiration! I had so much fun making the board. All images are pinned from BHG.com and are linked through my Pinterest board.

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  1. I looooove the colors! I am so fed up with my own office–but we’re hoping to move soon (to an entirely different state) so I don’t want to redo it and then have it not work out well where we end up moving. I think my office is going to be the only place I can get away with pink in the house, so I’m pretty excited. I love bright pink, which always surprises people because I’m not very girly, but it’s also my main brand color, so… gotta have it. =]

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