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Hello, friends of Ciera. My name is Shell, I normally blog over at Kitty & Buck, and I’m so pleased to be here today. When I was trying to decide on the topic I’d write about today, I kept coming back to the idea of inspiration. As a fellow designer, I appreciate finding it in the most unlikely places. So today, I’m going to share with you nine of my favorite instagram accounts, where you will find beautiful images and everyday inspiration. I love checking out color and composition, especially.

@honeydue @stephanie_somebody @amandajanejones @trishpapadakos @emilieristevski @mimiochun @dschwen @nonalimmen @deercircus

The images above link directly to their instagram accounts! @honeydue / @stephanie_somebody / @amandajanejones / @trishpapadakos / @emilieristevski / @mimiochun / @dschwen / @nonalimmen / @deercircus

I’m not a huge instagrammer, myself, though I just inherited a slightly better phone, with a better camera, so I’m hoping I’ll feel more motivated to share everyday moments that aren’t so grainy! I’d love to hear about any instagrammers who you find inspiring too, if you leave a comment, I’ll be sure to check them out. You can peek into my daily life on instagram @KittyAndBuck.

Thank you so much Shell, I love finding new instagrammers so I can’t wait to check these guys out when I return home! I think this has also inspired me to do a post of some of my favorite instagrammers too! – Ciera

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  1. Dschwen’s are particularly awesome! Love his Pantone stuff. Thanks for the recommendations :)


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