I’m Off To Palm Springs! Meet My Guest Bloggers!

Hey everyone! I’m off to Palm Springs for a long overdue girls trip! I have only been to California once before and I’m super excited for a week of relaxing in the sun!

Palm Springs Mailbox by Jessie Webster

Since I’m disconnecting for the week, I have some great guest bloggers lined up! They are all amazing, creative, ladies whose blogs I really admire. And they are all graphic designers, surprise, surprise, so you know you’ll be seeing some beautiful posts! I’d like to give them each a little introduction before their posts start rolling out tomorrow, so here they are!


Shell runs the show over at Kitty & Buck. Her blog is about creative living, inspiration and being nice to animals (and each other). She’s a full-time Motion Graphics Designer, part-time musician, blogger, blog designer, baker, cat momma and reader.

Lauren is the owner of the blog design business, The Perfect Pear Designs! She is also the vintage-loving blogger of The Perfect Pear, where she blogs about do-it-yourself projects, delicious food and her everyday life.

Corina is a graphic designer, and blogs at Cocorrina about her work, inspiration, travels and fashion. She also loves to design jewelry and has two Etsy Shops. The Cocorrina Jewelry Shop and Logotype Shop.

Kory is primarily a student, graphic designer, and blogger. Her blog, A New Journey, features her love for design, life, and much more. There she shares inspiration of all kinds relating to graphic design, home decor, and her own freelance work.

I’ll be updating Instagram and Twitter (can’t help myself) while I’m away so check-in with me there and I will see y’all back here when I return! Thanks so much ladies for helping me out while I’m on vacation! Palm Springs Mailbox photo by Jessie Webster

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  1. Ruzu@princess-corner says:

    I love shell´s blog and i want to go to palm spring someday, looks awesome


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