Festival Fashion [Friday Favorites]

Outdoor festivals are one of my favorite things in the world. It’s about that time of year when there is one every weekend! Coachella is next weekend and then we have French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest and a million others here in New Orleans! As you can see, I have been going to Jazz Fest since I was a baby and I have just about perfected my festival attire. It gets HOT at Jazz Fest so I usually wear shorts and a loose tank top. I also love wearing dresses but you have to do the sit test before leaving the house in a dress! I’m always sitting indian style or lying down, so I need to make sure the dress is long and loose enough that I don’t end up flashing anyone! It can also get really muddy so rain boots or sandals that won’t get ruined are a good idea. A hat and shades are also a MUST since it is usually sweltering and I have fair skin. I like adding a few accessories like flowers, bracelets, belts or a cute iPhone case but basically I keep it bright, simple and comfortable. Here are some of my favorites for an effortless festival look!

What to Wear Festival Fashion

Mint Lace Shorts / Hello Sunshine iPhone Case / Jelly Sandals / Straw Hat / Fringe Crossbody Bag / Rain Boots / Floral Crown (or DIY) / Retro Sunglasses / Braided Skinny Belt / Strapless Dress / Crochet Tank / Friendship Bracelets

festival fashion favorites


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