DIY Geometric Coasters

DIY Geometric Coasters via

DIY Geometric Coasters via

I used 4″ felt squares for the base and then covered them with hexagons in a contrasting color. I used 14 hexagon shapes per coaster and started by laying down three hexagons evenly spaced in a row. This helped to determine the space I needed to leave in between the hexagons once I moved to the next row. Once I had my spacing set, I started gluing the hexagons down with felt glue. Now that all of your hexagons are glued down, evenly covering the base square, wait for your glue to dry, then cut around the square trimming off any hexagons that are hanging over the edge. Now you have a pretty geometric coaster! Don’t feel like gathering the materials up yourself, get more detailed instructions, a hexagon template and all of the supplies sent straight to your door!

DIY Geometric Coasters via

One reason I love this project is because you can adapt it to work with any color scheme!

DIY Geometric Coasters via

I decided to add flags cut out of card stock to make my straws a little more festive!

DIY Geometric Coasters via

To incorporate more color into my table, I cut two large 8″ hexagons from a full sheet of felt to act as large coasters under the pitcher and saved some of the small hexagons to use as confetti!

DIY Geometric Coasters via

DIY Geometric Coasters via

DIY Geometric Coasters via

Clear and Simple Stamps is encouraging creative craft & DIY bloggers to give a virtual high-five to the other creative bloggers whose work we admire and to share a project inspired by our blog “crushes”. I’m sharing a DIY project inspired by my blog crush, Designlovefest. Although there are many blogs I love, today I chose Designlovefest because Bri is an inspiring blogger, an amazing graphic designer and also teaches blogging and video workshops. She has such a clear picture of her own brand and it is inspiring to see her continuing to take her businesses to the next level. Bri always has absolutely beautiful cocktail recipes and DIY projects on her blog so I thought that a fun geometric coaster would be a great DIY tribute to her! I hope you’ll join us and Spread the Love. To learn more about the campaign head over to the Clear and Simple Stamps blog!

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  1. the color green, typography. She designed and created these stunning “DIY Geometric Coasters” that can be made in your desired colors and impress your guest.

  2. Hey Ciera,
    I think that geometric shapes and simple designs really make it more readable. The choice of sleek colors is great too. Time to hunt through my stash to find the perfect color combination for my living room.
    Best regards, Brunner Nathan

  3. These are adorable!! Bookmarking to totally make when I get some down time.

  4. Ooo, I love geometric shapes and simple designs. The choice of colours is great too. Time to hunt through my stash to find the perfect colour combination for my living room (since the kids have taken my coasters and I can’t find them!).

  5. These are so cool! Love the pop of color. So glad to have found your site via Juice Marketing’s Saturday Social. I’ll be back!

  6. Your coasters are so cute! I will definitely use your tutorial to make some for our livingroom table – we’ve recently changed wall colours and old black coasters look so out of place now.

    BTW great choice of colours too!

  7. I love the layered effect this has! And a great colour choice too :)

  8. This is actually perfect! I’ve been trying to find the perfect coaster for my cup (I always have one on my working table)!
    Thanks for sharing that! :)

  9. EEK! What a fabby idea for a project and great use of materials and color.

  10. these are WAY too cute!! I’m totally obsessed with all things geometric right now.

  11. Fun and perfect for spring. You’re so crafty!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  12. WHAT?! You gotta be kidding me! These are amazeballs! Fabulous tutorial, Ciera! Thanks so much for participating in this campaign! You, my friend, know how to do awesome things with felt!


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