Let’s Be Friends – My Alt Summit Business Cards

Hello, happy Monday! I shared my favorite business cards from others at Alt Summit, now I’m going to share my cards, and some of the drama that went into making them…

Let's Be Friends Business Cards

When I found out that I was getting to attend Alt Summit THIS year, it was only a few weeks before the event. After I ran around my house screaming with excitement, I totally freaked out. I heard that business cards were a HUGE deal at Alt and I was not sure I would have the time to design and get something produced in time. After hours of brainstorming, I knew that my “Let’s Be Friends” concept was the way to go. After all, I was going to this gathering to make connections and new friends! Once the idea was set, I started designing and ordering supplies like crazy! I went back and forth with myself and finally broke down and splurged on letterpress cards. The night before I left for Alt, I had received all the parts to make my little packages… except for the actual business card, ahh! There was a huge communication breakdown inside the print shop I ordered them from, so sadly I never got them (but did get a full refund). The morning of my flight I was left printing and trimming business cards on whatever cardstock I had laying around and stuffing and sealing the envelopes! Luckily my parents are awesome and they helped! It all turned out fine, but boy was that stressful! My idea was received well and hopefully inspired those I met to keep in touch! SO here we go, my Alt Summit business cards… and lucky for you guys, I have some extras! All you have to do is sign up for my e-news list (don’t forget to include your mailing address), then leave a comment here letting me know you signed up – and I’ll send out as many as I have left!

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

If we met at Alt and you have a picture of you wearing one of the friendship bracelets, I’d love to see it!

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Ciera Design Alt Business Cards

Let's Be Friends

Among many things at Alt, I was VERY inspired by the Tiger in a Jar design camp so I decided to make a video showing the process of me putting my cards together!

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  1. Ashley Benson says:

    This is such a great idea to give to friends and family! I love the “lets be friends” concept. Where did you get the bracelets from? They are so cute!

  2. Ciera I love your unique and creative business card idea! There’s definitely a first time for everything :)

  3. OMG! I haven’t thought this could be possible. You really have a great idea there. Awesome business cards! 😀

  4. Those bracelets are awesome, and I seriously want one! Such a great idea!

  5. Your cards are so cute! I hope I can come up with something fun and unique if I go to Alt next year.

    Also, I signed up for your e-newsletter! I hope I can get a card & bracelet in the mail… if you still have any left!

  6. Holy cow! Did you make all those friendship bracelets yourself?! It’s such a cute idea!

  7. That is the cutest video, and I love your business card idea for Alt Summit!

  8. These are SO CUTE and creative!! You are so talented. : )


  9. 1. I wish I can go to the next ALT Summit.

    2. I love these cards. <3 So pretty!

  10. Loooooove!!!!!

  11. I’m sad we didn’t get a chance to meet! I signed up for your mailing list, and I look forward to getting your card and a bracelet of my very own :)

  12. Signed up!

    I LOVE these. Especially the ones with little hearts. :)

  13. Those were a great idea. I love the Let’s Be Friends concept and the bracelets are beautiful.

  14. I love this idea! Ahh you are so creative! <333 I signed up for your newsletter & I would love to get one :)

  15. You best believe I signed up, these are SO cute, so I hope I’ll be on the “let’s be friends” list! :)

  16. Love the video so much! Great concept.

  17. LOVE your video! (and the cards, of course!) I think you’ve done it and inspired me to learn how to add video to my own blog and portfolio, yours is completely adorable. I didn’t attend the design camps while at ALT, do you know of any online resources to learn to make videos like yours? I will probably start doing some research, but if you know of any great ones, I’d love a recommendation! xoxo Hope you’re well friend!

    • thanks Kelsey! I always recommend Lynda.com – I think they have the best tutorials around for pretty much everything! I don’t have any video background and used iMovie for the first time for this video and found it pretty intuitive. I think you can even edit video right in Photoshop now…

  18. i can’t believe i didn’t get one of these! :[

  19. I was in that same design camp – weren’t they amazing? And what a fab way to showcase what you learned – by actually making a video. Lovely.

    We didn’t meet at Alt and I don’t have your friendship bracelet but I’ll be friends…

  20. This are so cute! What a fabulous idea. I have a question re the Alt Summit: You mentioned that you didn’t find out you were going until last minute. Is that because you signed up at the last minute or is there such a demand to go that some people don’t get in and there’s a waiting list?


    Jules of Canines & Couture

    • Hi Jules, thanks! I was very lucky and eceived my ticket from Bing since an idea of mine was featured in the “Bing It To Life Lounge” > http://cieradesign.com/2013/02/06/bing-it-to-life-at-alt-summit/

      Tickets sell out within minutes so not everyone gets to go – there is no waiting list but there is a forum to purchase tickets from people who decide they can not attend. Ticket exchange was aloud until Dec. 31 this year and the even started Jan 23. Hope that helps!

  21. What an adorable idea…a design with a purpose.


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