Bing It To Life at Alt Summit

When I walked into the Bing It To Life Lounge at Alt Summit the LAST thing I expected to see was my travel map pin board, but there it was, and it was huge! Bing took submissions of writing, creations and ideas to showcase and my DIY creation was chosen to come to life! While my original project was to record travels of my boyfriend and I, it was really special to see bloggers from all over interacting with my idea and pinning their business cards to the map! It was so surreal to see it all over Instagram and it was such a cool way to see where everyone was from. I was surprised to see that I was the only Louisiana blogger there. Louisiana bloggers, where y’at?? 

Alt SLC 2013 - Thursday Morning


Alt SLC 2013 - Friday Morning

Alt Summit Business Card Cork Map Design Camp

Alt Summit Business Card Cork Map

Alt SLC 2013 - Friday Morning


You can check out some of the other awesome projects from Bing It To Life on Bing’s Facebook page and Alt Summit’s Flickr page.

Photos by Brooke Dennis + Justin Hackworth + Ciera Holzenthal. Instagrams from @agoldenafternoon, @passionfruitads, @armelle_blog, @traceytee27, @macyrobison, @brianna_land, @armelle_blog, @littlelessy, @pencilshavings, @promisetangeman, @jelliottblake, @bunnyanddolly, @artifactuprising, @jeannepmeyer, @prettypleaseus, @linneapaulina, @lindseybuck, @cieraholzenthal, @beckykimball, @momathonblog, @littlelessy, @liagriffith, @caytlynchilelli, @ccpaper, @lauratrevey, @teambing, @darlingstudio, @melbuswell, @pencilshavings, @glitterinclexi, @jennysolar, @theresagonzalezsf, @hilarycarpenter, @squirrellyminds, @stylizedex


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