Maybe This Inspired That // Red and Pink on Pink by Mark Rothko

Hey guys, it’s Thursday so Amanda is back with another Maybe This Inspired That! And you want to know something awesome?! Amanda and I finally got to meet and hangout at Alt! I also got to meet Melissa who writes The Font Feast AND I roomed with Mariah who writes some awesome blogging advice posts here! Here is a picture of the four of us (it’s a pretty crappy photo, but hey, it’s a memory)!

Maybe This Inspired That // Red and Pink on Pink by Mark Rothko

The Art // Mark Rothko started the color block and the ombre trends way back in the 1930’s. His massive abstract “landscape” paintings fill your whole eye with color, flowing in and out from dark to light. He is one of my favorite artists from history.

The Inspired // Fig. 01, Fig. 02, Fig. 03

Amanda is a graphic designer and blogger based in Los Angeles who loves photography, cooking, and rainy days stuck at home. She curates the Maybe This Inspired That column.
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