The Business Cards of Alt Summit 2013

Hi y’all! I’m back from Alt Summit and trying to get back into the swing of normal life. It was the best, most exhausting four days of my life! While I’m still processing all of the information I took in, I decided to share some of my favorite business cards from the awesome bloggers and brands I met while in Salt Lake City. Since Alt is a conference for creative people, the business card exchange has become a beautiful and fun tradition, now in it’s fourth year. I have linked to all of their blogs so click around if you are looking for some awesome new people to follow, I still have some exploring to do myself!

The Business Cards of Altitude Summit 2013

Black & White: A Pair of Pears / The Hive Studio / Wednesday Custom Design / The Hourglass Files / Pinegate Road / Carrier & Associates / Courtney Callahan Paper

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Black and White

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Black and White Pile

Blue: Confetti Pop / The Land of Nod / Honest / Melissa Esplin / Sharon McMullen / Michelle Edgemont

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Blue

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Blue Pile

Coral & Peach: Bunny & Dolly / Tea Collection / The Curtis Casa / You + Me / The Proper Pinwheel / Ciera Design (me)

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Coral and Peach

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Coral and Peach Pile

Black: Citizens of Humanity / And Then We Saved / Foxtrot Press / Donuts, Dresses and Dirt / Estera Events

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Black

Pink & Red: Whitney English / Get Married / Michael Miller Fabrics / A Style Moment / Amber Housley / Hitch Design Studio

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Red and Pink

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Red and Pink Pile

Alt Summit Business Cards 2013 - Stack

Lexy from The Proper Pinwheel and Melisa from LuLu the Baker really blew me away with the time spent on their cards. I mean, Lexy stitched together glitter garland for everyone!

Alt Summit Business Cards - The Proper Pinwheel and LuLu The Baker

Alt set up these boards in the hallway for everyone to stick their cards too, so fun! I was seriously amazed by all of the creativity!

Alt SLC 2013 - Thursday Afternoon

Do you have a favorite card here? Or were you at Alt and receive a super special one? I’ll be recapping different aspects of Alt Summit next week, so stay tuned! I’ll also be sharing the cards that I brought to hand out!

All images by Ciera Holzenthal except the last one is by Justin Hackworth from Alt Summit’s Flickr stream.

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  1. Inspiring collection, business cards represent your business, and these awesome and well designed business cards are manifest evidence of their quality business. Thanks for making us part of your experience.

  2. I love that you colour blocked the business cards! Lisa xo

  3. Thank you so much for including my card, Ciera!! I’m still going through all of the cards I received–so much inspiration from EVERYONE & it’s Just Awesome! I’ve spent a good amount of time browsing your site & I absolutely love it!!

  4. Beautiful presentation! Too many favorites to choose from… and very inspirational. I have to say the bright primary colors stand out the most.

  5. These are all so gorgeous!

  6. what a fun post!!! Inspiring me to have my own business card redesigned. :)

  7. It was so nice to meet you Ciera! Love your roundup of all these cards!

  8. What a great round-up of cards! I love that you color coded it!!!!! Bummer we didn’t run into eachother at Alt….!

  9. Ciera,

    These photos are BEAUTIFUL. You styled them so so so well. Ps. I’m so glad you took the styling class and we met on the last day. Pps. WHY WERE YOU IN THAT CLASS? You are obviously a PRO at styling. Seriously, I’m in love with these photos.

    Thanks for including mine, you are the sweetest.

    xoxo, Shaunna

    • Aww Shaunna, thank you!!! Well I guess I have flat paper figured out but beyond that I am lost with styling! So glad we met too, I LOVE your blog btw, it is so pretty – I have been poking around a little bit!

  10. How fun!! Looks like we both did color coordination too :) Also – it’s fun to see different versions of cards that people did. Like the card I got from Michelle Edgemont was gold instead of blue! Too cool. Loving your blog too!

  11. Those business cards are BEAUTIFUL. I’m so intimidated when thinking about these and what I want mine to look like! Eek!

  12. Love this post! Thanks for including my card! Was great getting to meet you!

    P.s. I agree with you about Lexy’s card- amazing!

  13. Girl! You have such a good eye! I love how you categorized each. They look lovely! And I am so grateful that you featured mine. You’re wonderful! Now please go hang that garland somewhere in your house!

  14. Thanks so much for featuring our card! Hopefully you’ll swing by and join the Confetti Pop party!

  15. Thanks for sharing this! I’m obsessed with business cards (I’m a visual designer) and I’m working on my own card for my handmade paper goods line.
    I particularly love tha card with the glitter garland!!

  16. Thanks for featuring my card Ciera! It was so nice to meet you at ALT!

  17. Theses are amazing! I love that you color coordinated them … such good inspiration!


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