Maybe This Inspired That // In Bloom by Hollie Fernando

Maybe This Inspired That // In Bloom by Hollie Fernando

The Art // I find a lot of inspiration in photography. This In Bloom series by Hollie Fernando highlights the natural beauty of the model and the flowers. I especially love this double exposure photo—it’s as if she’s looking through a floral curtain. Magical.

The Inspired // Fig. 01, Fig. 02, Fig. 03

Amanda is a graphic designer and blogger based in Los Angeles who loves photography, cooking, and rainy days stuck at home. She curates the Maybe This Inspired That column.

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  1. And also maybe this album cover I saw this week:

  2. Leah Goren says:

    Thanks so much for the post! Love, love, love all the flower things. xo

  3. I absolutely love hollie fernando – that is actually my favourite picture of hers! definitely see some connections with the above. absolutely gorgeous.

    • yes her work is SO beautiful! I love your blog header btw!

      • I love it. I actually discovered her through pinterest
        (gotta love pinterest!). Im not so hot on the design front so I enlisted the help of a fantastic blogger, Daryl, from roots wings and other things. I really like your blog. such a sleek design. super cool. Happy Saturday!

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