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My birthday is tomorrow and I received the best present ever today! I just found out that Bing got me a ticket to Alt Summit!!! This is one of the best blogging & design conferences around and I am SOOOO excited! However, I was not expecting to go this year so have not saved up travel money! It’s in 24 days so I’m kinda freaking out! I have been a crazy person since I found out this morning thinking about plane tickets, hotel reservations, new business cards, party outfits, ahh!

So here is where I ask for your help! I’ve put together a funding page with some awesome rewards, including sponsor spaces on this blog! If you have ever thought about sponsoring this blog, now is the time! Depending on which level you choose, you will also get some extra goodies along with your ad space! If you can not donate at this time, I would really appreciate if you share my funding page with your friends, on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc!


Help Ciera Get To Alt


I also just added an extra bonus to all levels that get a snail mail card! ! I’ll include a 4×4″ Ciera Holzenthal original photograph printed on archival grade Kodak Professional Endura Paper. You get to pick from one of these 28 options or any of my Instagram’s if you don’t see anything here that you like!

Ciera Holzenthal Print Options

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  1. Ciera! Congratulations on getting a ticket to Alt! That rocks! I hope you found a place to stay. I do live 30 minutes away from Salt Lake if you are hotel-less! One Alt friend to another :). Excited to meet you at Alt!

  2. congrats!! i won a ticket from bing as well and i’m super excited! see you in SLC! (and happy new year!) :)

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