Winter Essentials

Today is the first day of winter so I have some favorites for the season for ya! What are your favorite styles for the winter? I have a whole bunch of family in town so I’ll see y’all back here after Christmas!

Winter Essentials


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  1. That’s a mokbldrea-er. Great thinking!

  2. Love all of this. I picked up an awesome sweater similar to that jacket on sale at Urban Outfitters a while back – I wear it constantly! And that mustard shirt! Love it!

  3. Those booties are divine!! Found your blog through BBN. Love it!

  4. I am loving them all. Great picks!

  5. Hi Ciera!
    I just want to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style and design. I’ve spent today scouring the web, trying to find some beautiful blogs and designers from New Orleans – as I’m moving there next summer! So thanks for being a source of inspiration. I too am a designer, and I just wanted to connect and say hi. I’ve added you to my blog feed – looking forward to your future posts. :) Happy Holdiays! xoxo, Monika

  6. Such pretty picks! I love that jacket… and those booties.

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