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Things are going to be slowing down a little bit on the blog through January. I decided to set some time aside to evaluate my blog and my business. I will be putting up a survey in January and would really appreciate your feedback about the blog. I’ll also be updating my portfolio and design service options and lots of other business related things that I haven’t totally wrapped my head around yet. In 2012 I focused on growing my blog and in 2013 I want to put more of my efforts into my business. Because of my wonderful contributors, you may not even notice my absence! Sometimes I feel so obligated to post new things to the blog. But I really need some time for my family around the holidays and my business in the new year! I’d love to hear if you have any tips for slowing down and not feeling guilty for taking a little blogging break.

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  1. I totally understand needing to slow down on blogging — it’s so hard to keep up with daily posting AND plan for the future. I had decided to take these last two weeks off completely to focus on planning for the future and enjoying the holidays, but I’ve worked really hard lately to increase my traffic and was afraid of taking a huge hit. So I compromised by reposting some older Blogkeeping posts that new readers may have missed — I was able to schedule the entire week in an hour, and I’ve been getting feedback from people who didn’t see the posts the first time around, so it has been helpful. But I’m definitely shutting it down next week!

    Enjoy your break, excited to see your plans for the future!

    • That was my main concern too. Working so hard for traffic and scared to lose the momentum if I take a break! Reposting some older things is a great idea! Good to hear other bloggers go through the same thing!

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