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Hi! I’m Amy, a Graphic Designer from Boston. As a girl who does it all, I love to share my adventures in Design, DIY, Crafting, Sewing, Fashion, and Photography on my blog. I’ve always been a creative soul, and I hope to inspire my readers to try new things and to harness their creativity.


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For Shauna Salazar, an Art Director from Southern California, the inspiration for The Friend Collective was simple. It was every phone call, e-mail, and dinner conversation she’d shared with her circle of friends. Why not start a community blog enriched by that diverse circle–women with different backgrounds, talents, stories, and interests? Thus was born The Friend Collective, the perfect place for these friends to think and laugh out loud, post a recipe or hilarious video, release their frustrations from a long day or a crazy diet. All with that most rare of commodities–sincerity.


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I design graphic hand painted jewelry and colorful handmade accessories for you and your home. I’ve been infatuated with color for as long as I can remember and I’m drawn to graphic and textural patterns. I’m a painter, a knitter and a maker and Seagrass Studio is my therapy.


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Lexy Ward writes the lifestyle and party blog, The Proper Pinwheel. She features DIY projects, party inspiration, edible goodness, and the occasional Diet Coke. She currently lives in Denver with her husband, and dog, Tagg.


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Hi I’m Sarah – My blog is a mix of all things I love, from beauty to fashion to lifestyle, all my thoughts and feelings written down in one place. A typical English gal I love tea, my dog and other pets – I live with my other half who often features on my blog in many guises. I’d love it if you popped by and said Hi!

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