My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Photographer

Today’s gift guide is for the photographer in your life! I have my eye on a few of these things for myself, especially an Epiphanie camera bag! We got a GoPro for our road trip from Maine to New Orleans and just love it!

Finding gifts for a photographer friend can be really fun and doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might be thinking! While buying a professional camera will tend to be too expensive for a gift, secondary or toy cameras like a pin hole, Holga, Poloroid, or Golden Half would make a great gift.

Then there are tons of smaller items that can help photographers out or just allow them to have some fun. Items like filters, straps, thermoses, tripods, cleaning kits, memory cards, flash diffusers and notepads are all great additions to any camera bag.

With smartphone cameras getting better and better you can even go the route of getting photo accessories like lenses, cases and touchscreen gloves for phones!

If you are pretty sure they have all the gear they could ever use, you can help the photographer in your life increase their knowledge on the subject. There are tons of ebooks, online courses and educational photography books out there!

My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Photographer

1 Conde Nast Traveler Photographs / 2 Kate Spade Polka Dot Thermos / 3 Epiphanie Bags Belle Camera Bag / 4 Color Lens and Flash Filters / 5 Touchscreen Gloves / 6 GoPro Camera / 7 Wood Camera iPhone Case / 8 Bright Camera Strap / 9 Field Notes

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  1. Pretty cool, the no.3 it´s in my list, I want a camera bag

  2. Thanks for the tip, Ciera! Just grabbed those awesome filters for my sister :-) So snazzy

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