My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Designer

To get into the holiday spirit I decided to create some gift guides for y’all. If you have any designer friends (hint, hint) here are some of my favorite gift ideas for them!

My Favorite Gift Ideas for the Designer

1 My Beautiful Life Drawing Journal / 2 To Go Coffee Mug / 3 Pantone Color Guides / 4 Aqua Lacquer Stapler / 5 Jessica Hische Daily Dropcap iPhone Case / 6 Wacom Intuos Tablet / 7 Bright Ballpoints
8 Big Flip Calendar Clock / 9 Graphic Design Exercise Book

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  1. Thanks for the tips – i never know what to get Dimitrios.

  2. Awesome gift ideas!! I want No.1,3,6,9 XD


  3. Just found your site through Lulu the Baker, and I’m so glad I did! So great! These are such great ideas for designers/bloggers, etc… I love that calendar clock!

  4. Yup sounds about right! I’m a g.d. student and this set of gifts would definitely make my day (although I’ve already got a tablet). Excellent list! :)


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