DIY Autumn Leaf Table Place Cards

I love a pretty table for the holidays so today I am showing y’all how to make simple place cards to add a little something special to any decor. This design is versatile so can really be used for any holiday or special occasion but I thought it would be nice for Thanksgiving!

DIY Thanksgiving Table Place Cards

MATERIALS: cardstock / two different colors of paper / pretty font / branch punch / adhesive gel / hole punch / gold brads

DIY Thanksgiving Table Name Cards Process


1a. Print all of the names you will need on card stock and trim them to 2″ x 1″
1b. For each place setting trim one 3.75″ x 5.5″ piece of card stock and fold in half to 3.75″ x 2.75″
2. Select two colors of paper for your leaves and punch about 12 of each color
3. Rotating colors, glue down the leaves in rows slightly overlapping them
4a. Hole punch your name cards on each end and insert the gold brads.
4b. Since the hole punch didn’t reach where I needed it on the folded card, I just used the brads to make the holes through the card stock
5. Secure the brads by folding them down on the inside of the place card and you are done!

DIY Autumn Leaf Table Place Cards

DIY Autumn Leaf Table Name Cards

These directions also work to make greeting cards!

hello leaf card

happy birthday leaf card

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  1. Leslie Jenkins says:

    Super cute idea! I will be pinning on Pinterest!

  2. OMG these are SO adorable! I wish we had big family get togethers at the holidays so I had a reason to make these! Heck, I may just make them for our daily dinners! hehe

  3. That’s so effective. Really pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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