Adding Apps on Facebook

A few months ago, I wrote Design Tips for Facebook Pages, stating that customizing app icons are a must! This tip lead to some confusion since many people had trouble finding and installing an app in the first place… not good. So today, I’m going to show you how to find and install some of the same apps that I use on Ciera Design’s Facebook page! Finding and installing apps on Facebook is not as easy as it sounds. The Facebook search feature is not very good and since apps are developed by third parties, steps to install them vary.

How To Add Apps To Your Facebook Page



I use NetworkedBlogs for my blog tab but it seems that they now charges for this service so I recommend using Social RSS.

- Find the app here.
- Select your page from the drop down menu.
- Enter your RSS feed url. This will usually be OR your Feedburner url if you use Feedburner.
- Check 
Publish to wall if you want this app to automatically post to your wall.
- Choose your preference for the additional options.
- Click Save and you are done!



Etsy Showcase is great for an Etsy shop tab. This app can also show your shops about information, policies and feedback.

- Find the app here.
- Click the Add To My Page (FREE) button.
- Select your page and click Add Etsy Showcase.
- Click the app now on your Facebook page and add your Shop Name or ID and click Update.
- Now your Etsy Showcase will be one of your app tabs when you visit your page!



I use Woobox for my Twitter tab. This app can also publish tweets to your page automatically.

- Find the app here.
- Select your page from the drop down menu and click Add Page Tab.
- Enter your Twitter username and fill in your preferences. I like to “Hide Tweets that start with @” and “Hide background image from Twitter profile”



I use Pinterest Page App for my Pinterest tab. This app can show pins from selected pin boards.

- Find the app here.
- Select your page and click Add Page Tab.
Fill in your setting and hit Save Settings.
- Now Pinterest will be one of your app tabs when you visit your page!



I use Instagram Feed for my Instagram tab.

- Find the app here.

- Select the page on which your Instagram feed will be added and click Add Instagram feed Tab.

- Sign in to your Instagram account.
- Now Instagram Feed will be one of your app tabs when you visit your page!


To add other apps not listed here, use the Facebook search bar and select an option that shows up under the APPS header. That will bring you to the apps profile page. Remember, that besides the stock Facebook apps (Photos, Videos, Links, Events and Notes) any other app you install will be a third-party app, which means that it is not necessarily reputable or may not work at all. Each app works differently, so it can be a bit confusing. Now that you have your apps installed, highlight what’s important and customize your app icons!

Check out my Etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing a Facebook Cover Design, Facebook App Icons or check out Ciera Design on Facebook for inspiration!

Note: This was published October 19, 2012 and updated on February 2, 2013 and August 6, 2013. Facebook tends to update things frequently so if you see that anything is out of date, or you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll update this post!


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