Heading Home

Huge news today friends! Zander and I have decided it’s time to move back to New Orleans! I’ve had an amazing year and a half living in Boston. I’ve made some amazing friends and explored more of the North East than I ever imagined I would! But our hearts are in New Orleans.

New Orleans Chris Rose Quote


Everyone in New Orleans has a special connection and shows it through eye contact when passing on the street. I miss that. I miss the warm, friendly and happy people. I miss hard rains, hidden courtyards, wonderful food, Oak trees, great music, the unique gumbo of people, southern hospitality and dive bars.

“If there was ever a town to have a reason to be full of sorrow and pain it is New Orleans. And although the damages of Katrina, poverty and crime are all around, it does not stop people from living to the fullest. Every day is a new day and more reason to celebrate.” -The Hungry Nomad


Proud To Call It Home New Orleans We Live In The Moment

It’s hard to explain, but New Orleans just has something special. It is not fast or efficient. It’s slow, sweaty and lazy, but it’s home. Every inch of this city has something beautiful in it’s own special way. I’ll miss the North East tremendously, but I’m ready to be back in the city that stole my heart!



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