Beth’s Farm Market

Beth’s is always one of my favorite spots to stop while in Maine. I brought my parents when they were up for our road trip and snapped a few photos to share!

Beth's Farm Market Maine

Beth's Farm Market Carrots and Radishes

Beth's Farm Market Pop Corn

Beth's Farm Market Strawberries

Beth's Farm Market Carrots and Radishes Veggies

Beth's Farm Market Rhubarb

Beth's Farm Market Fiddleheads

Beth's Farm Market Radishes

I decided to split up the photos from my Maine Road trip into groups so I’ll be posting more throughout the next few weeks!

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  1. Added this photo to their favorites

  2. Gimp Brushes says:


    I’m from Germany and I love those photos! Especially the style of the edited ones. Do you use Lightroom? Or do you have another software? Because I see a “red/orange/vintage” kind of filter on your photos :)



  3. I want to go to Maine, looks so beautiful!

  4. The pictures are really beautiful(: I love your blog!

  5. katherine says:

    that looks delicious! it reminds me of one i use to go to back in my hometown that i really miss 😀 famers markets are the best.

  6. Melanie says:

    Oooh I love farmer’s markets! These photos are amazing! They’ve got some interesting things at this one. I talked about you and this post on my blog today : )

  7. This is amazing! We don’t have any large farm stands like this around us, though the Farmer’s Market is awesome. I want to eat everything.

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