A Whimsical European Fairytale

After working with Race and Religious (named after the intersecting streets) for over a year on their new identity and website, I finally got to visit the compound! I knew from all of the photos that it was a wonderful and unique place, but when I actually got to wander the halls I was blown away! There is art everywhere, exposed bricks, religious iconography, endless nooks and crannies and oriental rugs layered throughout the home. Race & Religious is a masterpiece of nostalgia, a love song to New Orleans, a whimsical European fairytale, a spectacle of design, and foremost, a family home steeped in history. I got to capture some of my favorite parts from the home but I probably need to visit a few more time to soak up all of the beautiful details!

Race and Religious 1

Race and Religious 2

Race and Religious 3

Race and Religious 4

Race and Religious 5

Race and Religious 6

Race and Religious 7

Race and Religious 8

Race and Religious 9

Race and Religious 10

Race and Religious 11

Race and Religious 12

Race and Religious 13

Race and Religious 14

Race and Religious 15

Race and Religious 16

Click here to view as a slideshow.

If you are interested, their website shares a great history of the compound and describes Granville Semmes’ thirty-year renovation project as a warden of history.

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  1. Beautiful place. I would love to visit this place. Amazing fireplace{s}. I LOVE brick, i would KILL to have brick walls or one brick wall in a future home.

  2. Wow, this place is amazing.


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