Three Green Mojito

There are plenty of whiskey drinks out there for St. Patrick’s Day, so today I want to share a mojito recipe with you! Since this drink features three green ingredients it is delicious and festive! It’s also perfect for this weather that seems to be warming up. Hope you enjoy!

1 Mojito Recipe

2 Mojito Recipe

Ingredients: mint, lime, cucumber, simple syrup, crushed ice, light rum, club soda

3 Mojito Recipe

4 Mojito Recipe

5 Mojito Recipe


Directions: (this recipe serves 1)

- Muddle 6 mint leaves in the bottom of a glass
- Cut lime into quarters
- Squeeze three quarters into glass and drop them in (save one quarter for garnish)
- Cut cucumber into thin slices and drop 3 slices into glass (save one slice for garnish)
- Add 2 tablespoons of simple syrup
- Fill the glass with crushed ice
- Add 1 (or 2) shots of light rum
- top off with club soda
- garnish glass with 1 lime quarter and 1 cucumber slice

You can also make a virgin mojito which is just as delicious, just leave out the rum!


7 Mojito Recipe

6 Mojito Recipe

Cucumber Mojito Recipe

Cucumber Mojito Recipe


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