Thankful For…

I am thankful for my family, the ones who love me unconditionally… for my boyfriend… coffee… my education… photography… my health… yummy food. I’m thankful that I get to do what I love for a living…

I’m thankful for blogging and the internet… everyday I am excited to find and post the things that inspire me. There is so much talent out there that challenges me to try new things and make new connections…

Thankful for friends… new and old… when I decided to move last year some people told me that moving from the friendly South to the unsociable Northeast was going to be hard. Boston is known to be a less social city of people who find it inappropriate to say hello to strangers and ignore their neighbors. But I am happy to report that those people were wrong! I have really enjoyed meeting a ton of new, awesome people that I now call friends!

… then there are my two best friends in the world who have been around for 16 years of fun, laughs, cries, support, adventures, inspiration, traveling, ideas, parties, serious times and silly times… needless to say, I am VERY thankful for those girls! And without further ado, a few photos of my BFFs and I…

BFF Collage

Thanks to everyone who inspires me, encourages me and pushes me to become a better and more creative person! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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  1. What a beautiful post. So happy to hear you’re doing well and enjoying the northeast. Happy Thanksgiving! xo rob


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