Golden Half Camera Giveaway (closed)

November is a month of giving thanks and since last month was my blog’s two year anniversary I want to say THANKS TO MY READERS by giving one lucky person a Golden Half Telepathy camera!

Golden Half Giveaway

So the cool thing about this camera, besides how it looks, is that it allows for two shots on one frame. You get a cool diptych photograph with the two frames divided by a black line. This 35mm half-frame camera allows a standard 3″ x 5″ photo to be split into half (3″ x 2.5″ frames), letting you snap double the amount of photos.

Golden Half: Winter

The design features a plastic body with a wonderful lens, three aperture options and a hot shoe for flash. It’s super easy to carry around since it’s small and pairing the images for each exposure is SO fun. I’ve had such a great time shooting with mine I wanted to share the joy! You can view all of my Golden Half photos here.



– One Telepathy Golden Half 35mm Camera 
– Five rolls of film to get you started
– Five golden half prints (by yours truly) for inspiration


1: Leave a comment below. Let me know why you want to win the Golden Half camera OR if you have something you’d like to see on the blog, feel free to throw it out there!

2: Follow me on Twitter + tweet about the giveaway

3: Become a fan on Facebook + post about the giveaway to your wall.

4: Blog about this giveaway and/or the Ciera Design Blog

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. You can use this short link for sharing: Good Luck! Giveaway ends on November 30, 2011 at midnight EST. 4 entries per person max. NOW CLOSED

And the winner is Katherine of Through My Looking Glass, congrats!

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  1. Thanks to everyone who entered. This giveaway is now closed.

  2. Ivonne Dobrovski says:

    Lovely camera, would totally want to win this !

  3. I follow you via twitter and I tweeted :)!/LoveKarinaP/status/141723068551802880

  4. Oh! Please pick me, pick me! I love everything photography! Not only do I love to take pictures, I’ve also wanted to get a holga or some other kind of toy camera! This one is beautiful! Just thinking of all the pictures I can take has me giddy :)

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  5. follow you on twitter” @wishfulsearch

    and retweeted your post!

  6. I am an aspiring photographer who happens to be a college student. Due to high prices of books and such it is hard to buy film.

    I would love to have a new camera with lots of film to use over the upcoming holidays. Plus this camera is too cute not too own!


  7. I like you on FB(kelly D Saver) and posted this giveaway on FB!/kellywcu/posts/174793289282921

  8. I follow you on twitter(kellydsaver) and tweeted!/kellydsaver/status/141580831620730880

  9. I would like to win this camera because my children have a lot of upcoming school events and I would like to take lots of pictures.

  10. What a cool camera. Excited for the chance to win.

  11. What an awesome looking camera! I’d love to win!

  12. Oh! This camera would be a lovely addition to the cameras my sister and I take on our yearly road trip! I shoot with the diana+ a bit now so I already use and love film cameras! Thanks ever so much! I followed you on facebook and retweeted as well!

  13. This seems like such a cool concept! I’d love to use it to create images with interesting juxtaposition. Maybe select a word and take a picture of two subjects that are different but both address the word?

  14. I follow you on twitter and retweeted! @amiegrrl

  15. This camera is gorgeous!! I’d love to add it to my collection as my second 35mm camera :]

  16. Faye Bonny says:

    Wow, if the pictures come out as pretty as the actual camera I’d be one happy bunny

  17. hey there, id love to win this so i could add to my collection, so far i have a cannon, but its not as pretty as this, id like to see mabey a phot contest in the near future, pick like a theme per month contest

  18. This is so cool! I’d love to win this awesome gem!

  19. I’m also following on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!!

  20. Ooooh, how neat! I’ve never seen one of these…where have I been?? 😉 I would love to take contrast pictures with this camera and this is such a unique way to do it!

    Great giveaway!!

  21. I retweeted! I’m @ka1bee!

  22. Whoa.. coolest giveaway EVER! I just came over from FN and I’m excited to check out the rest of your blog, and hopefully win this giveaway. I’m studying abroad in Germany and nothing is better than capturing memories, especially if I could use that here!

  23. I have just FB liked your page.

    Nicolette xo

  24. I would like to win that camera to start capturing our memories as newlyweds.

    Nicolette xo

  25. I am following you on twitter now and tweeted about the giveaway find me at @nicolettelt

    Happy Blog birthday

    Nicolette xo

  26. The golden half camera would make film photography for me that much more affordable :)

  27. Like Ciera Designs on Facebook and put in a Facebook status update!

  28. Following you on Twitter and tweeted here!/Miss_KMS/status/138888199069110272

  29. Discovered you through LA’s blog but am SO excited to have popped in and seen the Golden Half Camera giveaway. It’s so cute and looks like fun to play around with. Congratulations on your two year blogiversary! How exciting 😀

  30. I have never seen a camera like this before and I have to have this. It would really make my day and brighten it alot too. Really could use something nice to happen to brighten my world.

  31. I am following you on twitter @ddstpeck

  32. France Irish says:
  33. France Irish says:

    a fan on Facebook and shared on my wall:

  34. France Irish says:

    Following @cieraholzenthal and tweeted:!/franceirish/status/138852619522285568

  35. France Irish says:

    I would love to win that awesome camera because I would love to take the first picture of our daughter when she’s born using that camera..

  36. I would love to win this camera because I have just started to get into photography and it would be a great kick start to my collection!
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  37. I tweeted about the post here:!/ASewciaLlife
    (and follow you as well!)

  38. I would love the camera because it is just gorgeous!

  39. I’m following you on Twitter and retweeted about the giveaway!


  40. I’ve been teaching myself about film this past year after I bought a Pentax K1000 at a yard sale this past year. It’s been slowgoing, but I’m loving the process and the anticipation that comes with shooting film. I’d love to win this because I’ve been dying to try another film camera, but I’ve been using my pennies to buy/develop film instead.

    Thanks for the chance!!


  41. Matt Ferrell says:

    I liked you on facebook: Matt Ferrell

  42. Matt Ferrell says:

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted:!/Matt_Ferrell/status/138781746496937984

    animasou @ comcast . net

  43. Matt Ferrell says:

    I’d like to win this, because it looks like a great camera! Would love to try it out.

    animasou @ comcast . net

  44. I would like to win because I’ve been shooting digital photography for years now and have always wanted to explore the film realm. I made myself a diy pinhole camera but am too scared to use it!!

  45. Stephanie Piazza says:

    I really want this camera because I want to be a graphic designe also and I don’t have a camera of my own. :3

  46. I also retweeted. :3

  47. I would love to win the camera because I love shooting with 35mm film and I don’t own a 35mm camera myself. :3

  48. I would love to win this camera because not only do the photos turn out rad, the camera itself is sweet-looking!

  49. Love it!!! I would love to be able to take great pictures of my home/ life to post on my blog. My current camera crapped out on me so I haven’t been able to take any good pictures.

  50. the camera looks cool!

  51. I followed your twitter account and retweeted about the giveaway! :)

  52. I liked your facebook page and posted about it on my wall:

  53. I love your golden half photos! I would really like to win a Golden Half camera because I really want to start taking pictures using film. I have never used a camera that took film before and would like to try someday. 😀

  54. jacob rodriguez says:

    i started following u and i love your photography, i want to win this camera because i am an art major at santa monica college and want to go further in my artistic ability and i love photography as well as drawing and video production :)

  55. Ashleigh Jade says:

    A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words
    I feel like this is such a true statment and a picture can say so much. You can capture in a picture what could take you ages to write down to explain just because you cant get the words right.
    Being able to take pictures and have the split screen pictures would take that to a whole new level and it would be truly amazing to be able to do that.

  56. I also tweeted about it!!!/sasswarrior

  57. What a great giveaway! I didn’t even know these cameras existed. SO glad I found you. I’d love to win this to replace my stolen camera.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Best regards,

    stephanie knight

  58. Oh what? My first comment didn’t post. Stupid captchas with numbers in them! I want to win this because I’m REALLY getting into lomography and film photos lately, and this camera has been on my ‘want’ list for years!

  59. I follow you on twitter and tweeted it here –!/novaisawesome/status/138669769162375168