Brights & Stripes

I love using Pinterest to collect fashion related images. I don’t usually wear bold colors or patterns but in reviewing my style pinboard, it looks like I’m into brights and stripes this summer! If you do not have a natural fashion sense (which I am not gifted with), Pinterest can really help you visualize a personal style. I hope to keep this brights and stripes theme in mind next time I go shopping and liven up my wardrobe. What is your favorite summer look?


Style Pinboard

View my style pinboard for image credits.

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  1. I was thinking about bringing life and trend back into the wardrobe and I agree this season is full of bright and technicolor textures and eye candy.

    Bring color back into your wardrobe with a bright pinstriped scarf or intense color and compliment it with a Parrot blue and Neon Yellow eyeshadow. Try a Sea Green and a vale pink complimented with a shiny yellow tint gloss.

    This this the summer even thought ending to not be afraid of color and all that it can do to brighten a new or existing wardrobe. I look forward to the Fall trend with excitement, as I know color compliments color..

    Good luck Girls…cant wait to see whats next

    Creating Faces on Demand/Chris Carter

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