Amelie G Magazine Launch Party

Amelie G Magazine is a style magazine, based in New Orleans, that started out a year ago with monthly online issues. The focus is on emerging artists, designers and innovative minds of this city that we love. They feature everything creative, from the latest styles and fashion designs, to music, architecture and art; if it’s compelling, they will be there to write about it.

I have been working with them to get their first print issue produced. The launch party for the premiere print issue was on Saturday night at LePhare. It was a celebration of creativity and fashion in New Orleans and was great to see everyone enjoying the printed magazine!

Amelie G Launch Party 2010 2

Amelie G Launch Party 2010 1

Amelie G Launch Party 2010 3

Everyone enjoying the magazine!


Amelie G Launch Party 2010 4

Amelie G Launch Party 2010 7

My family and I celebrating the premiere print issue!


Amelie G Launch Party 2010 6

Beautiful cake that my mom made for the event.


 Amelie G Launch Party 2010 5

Amelie G Team


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