One Book, One New Orleans – 2010 Poster Design

One Book, One New Orleans is a community wide reading program of the Young Leadership Council and the Literacy Alliance of Greater New Orleans.

During a reading period every year, One Book encourages residents of the Greater New Orleans Area aged 16 years and older to engage in the common endeavor of reading the same book at the same time. Their aim is that through this shared experience, residents from the different communities of Greater New Orleans come together and embrace their similarities by reading, discussing, and attending events relating to the same book. The 2010 book is Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans by Louis Armstrong.

I was asked to design the poster for this years campaign and have really enjoyed working on this project!

One Book Poster

One Book Card

One Book Signage

2 photos from One Book at Satchmo Summer Fest. Learn more at the One Book, One New Orleans website!

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