Happy Social Media Day! My Social Media History

Today we acknowledge and celebrate the revolution of media becoming social. A day that honors the technological and societal advancements that have allowed us to have a dialogue, to connect and to engage not only the creators of media, but perhaps more importantly, one another. It’s a day to celebrate the changes in media that have empowered us to stay connected to information in real time, the tools that have enabled us to communicate from miles apart, and the platforms that have given a voice to the voiceless and victims of protest injustice. It’s a revolution worth celebrating. Today, we celebrate Social Media Day and we hope you’ll join us. More from Mashable on Social Media Day.

To celebrate social media day I decided to take a look at my personal Social Media history.

Facebook: The first photo tagged of me on Facebook was added on October 31, 2005. Almost 5 years later I have 1,754 photos tagged. The only reason that I still have a Facebook account is because of the photos.

Flickr: I joined Flick in July of 2006. I do not use Flickr as much as I would like to showcase my work. I do enjoy browsing though images for inspiration in both photography and design. My Flickr.

MySpace: I think that I joined MySpace around the same time as Facebook. I do not even know my login information, can not access my account and could care less.

Twitter: I joined Twitter 482 days ago in March 2009. I average 6.26 tweets a day. I use twitter to connect with others in New Orleans and enjoy interacting with other designers and creatives around the world. I also manage 2 other Twitter accounts. My Tweets.

LinkedIn: I joined LinkedIn in February 2009 as it was required for everyone in my office to do so.  I have enjoyed slowly adding contacts since. Ciera on LinkedIn.

Blog: My blog features designs of my own as well as found designs and objects that inspire or entertain me.

Delicious: I just recently joined this social bookmarking service and wish that I joined years ago. I am a very organized person and this service makes me happy! My Bookmarks.

Google: Still don’t get Google Buzz, love Google Reader. Ciera on Google.

Foursquare: I like getting deals for checking in, seeing tips from other users and badges are fun too!

What does your social media history look like? What are you doing to celebrate Social Media Day?

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