Collecting Art on a Budget

If I were going to buy every piece of artwork that I love, I would be buying something almost daily. Like most people, I can not buy everything that I want. Over the past few years, I have found a few ways to collect art on a budget and thought it would be nice to share some of my discoveries. I like to shop local whenever possible. You get to support the people around you and get to see the artwork in person before purchasing.

Art Markets are a great place to find a wide variety of local artists. A few of my favorite markets in New Orleans:

Freret Market – 1st Saturday of each month
Arts Council of New Orleans at Palmer Park – last Saturday of each month
Bywater Art Market – 3rd Saturday of each month

Local Artist. Not all artist have the opportunity to participate in the local art markets so search online for some great finds and look around for some small neighborhood galleries.

Even if an artist’s website does not have a shopping cart most photographers, designers and other artist would be happy to sell their work. You can even ask an artist to create something special for you.

Some great New Orleans finds:
Megan Pendergrass

DIY. If you can not afford to buy artwork, then do it yourself!
Painting/art classes are fun to do with friends and you get an original work of art to go home with! Avenue Art on Harrison Avenue has a great class and does not require any previous knowledge or skills.
Framing recycled fabric samples, unique paper swatches from craft stores or old postcards is a great and economical way create to artwork.

Antique or Thrift Stores. Buy old works of art and freshen them up by adding your own touches, or just hang the lucky finds right on the wall.

There are also a few non-local options that I love for finding art on a budget:

Here are some photos of my favorites:

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